Biocat Beat!

Biocat Beat will attempt to provide “Perspectives” of key research papers and developments, published recently in areas of gene/enzyme discovery, biocatalysis and bioprocessing, biofuels and related topics.

Biocat Beat Current Issue

Biocat Beat Vol 3 Num 1, Dec 7, 2012




Biocat Beat Archives

Biocat Beat Vol 2 Num 1, Dec 9, 2011

Biocat Beat Vol 1 Num 4, Dec 14, 2010

Biocat Beat Vol 1 Num 3, Aug 10, 2010

Biocat Beat Vol 1 Num 2, May 10, 2010

Biocat Beat Vol 1 Num 1, Feb. 10, 2010

Biocat Beat!

The perspectives are provided by eminent CBB staff and/or outside experts where acknowledged. CBB contributors include:

Dr Mani Subramanian
Dr Jack Rosazza
Dr Sridhar Gopishetty
Dr Shuvendu Das
Dr Ryan Summers

Feedback and comments on the “Biocat Beat” are welcome (Biocat Beat Editor).