Mark A. Arnold, Ph.D.

Mark Arnold, Ph.D.Professor in Laser Chemistry, Department of Chemistry
The University of Iowa




Mark Arnold is the Edwin B. Green Chair Professor in Laser Chemistry at the University of Iowa. He started as an assistant professor at the University in 1982 after completing his doctorate degree at the University of Delaware. His research program focuses on the development of in situ chemical sensing technology that is designed to report concentrations of selected chemicals within a system of interest. He is an expert in the use of near infrared absorption spectroscopy for in situ analytical measurements in complex biological systems. Examples include noninvasive glucose measurements in people with diabetes and real-time monitoring of hemodialysis during treatments of people with end-stage renal failure. In the spirit of translational research and economic development, Professor Arnold has teamed with others to create ASL Analytical, Inc. for the purpose of commercializing this near infrared sensing technology. ASLís first commercial product is an on-line monitor designed to follow glycerol, methanol, and biomass in real-time as a means to optimize the upstream process for producing biotherapeutic products in Pichia pastoris.