Lorenz HaslerDr. Lorenz Hasler is Senior Project Evaluation Manager for Lonza AG. In his role within the Lonza AG, a world leading Contract Manufacturing Organization, he is responsible for the evaluation of research and development, technology transfer, and manufacturing activities as requested by customers. While performing these evaluations, Dr. Hasler reviews all aspects of the manufacturing process and identifies gaps (asset & process) to ensure ultimate success with the project.

Dr. Hasler obtained his PhD degree in Biophysics at the Biozentrum in Basel, Switzerland in 1999. The focus during his diploma and doctorate thesis was the purification of membrane proteins, their two-dimensional crystallization, and the subsequent structural analysis. After a two years Postdoctoral fellowship at the Harvard Medical School, he moved into the field of engineering which had always been an underlying passion. He joined the Pharmaplan Engineering AG based in Basel, Switzerland and started as a qualification/validation engineer for pharmaceutical and biotechnology manufacturing facilities. His understanding in biotechnology process alongside his “on the job” acquired engineering background, allowed him to function as process technology expert in the plant design for a broad spectrum of cGMP facilities. In 2009 Lorenz became a Senior Project Evaluation Manager at Lonza AG where he combines the multiple aspects of development and production of active pharmaceutical ingredients.