Yong-Su Jin, Ph. D.

Yong-Su Jin, Ph.D.Dr. Yong-Su Jin received B.S. and M. S. degrees in Food Science and Technology from Seoul National University and received Ph. D. degree in Food Science and Bacteriology (minor) from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. After completing a post-doctoral training in the Department of Chemical Engineering at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, he served as an Assistant Professor at the Sungkyunkwan University in Korea.

Dr. Jinís research is centered on metabolic engineering of microorganisms to produce biofuels and chemicals from renewable biomass. His research aims to identify, characterize, and engineer beneficial genetic perturbations eliciting rapid and efficient production of target products, such as biofuels, nutraceuticals, and food ingredients. Dr. Jin was a Faculty Fellow of National Center for Supercomputing Applications (NCSA) for 2009-2010 and received the ACES College Faculty Awards for Excellence in Research.