Thomas S. Vedvick, Ph.D.

Thomas S. Vedvick, Ph.D.Dr. Vedvick has been recognized both nationally and internationally in the fields of Infectious Disease vaccines, Protein chemistry and Adjuvant development. He is currently Vice President of Formulation and Process Sciences for the Infectious Disease Research Institute in Seattle, Washington. Dr. Vedvick is responsible for the development of recombinant protein production and for the formulation and development of adjuvants to stimulate immune responses. He has published approximately 90 peer reviewed articles and currently hold 36 issued US Patents.

Dr. Vedvick is recognized within IDRI for both project and team leadership. He has established a micro protein sequencing facility and has successfully produced vaccines for the developing world in the field of Infectious Disease. Dr. Vedvick is currently working on a vaccine for Leprosy to help in the complete eradication of this disease.