Professional Staff

Our highly-trained staff includes:


Dr. Mani Subramanian holds a Ph.D. in Biochemistry (1978). Prior to joining the Center for Biocatalysis and Bioprocessing in October of 2005, Mani was the Global R&D Director of Biotechnology, Bioprocessing and Bioinformatics at the Dow Chemical Company. He brings more than 25 years of biotechnology R&D experience in the areas of industrial, plant and pharmaceutical technology. His interests range from microbiological genomics to biocatalysis, fermentation and process development.

Technical Director

Sridhar Gopishetty holds a Ph.D. in Bio-Organic Chemistry (2000) and has extensive experience in biotransformations and synthetic organic chemistry. He has been with CBB since 2004. Responsible for development and scale-up of fermentation processes. Scales include shake flask and fermentors (2L, 30L, 100L and 1000L). DSP from fermentation, analytical development, and extraction and purification from microbial sources for small molecule, protein, secondary metabolites from bench discovery and development through pilot.

Research Lead

Shuvendu Das holds a Ph.D. in Organic Chemistry (2004) and has extensive experience in microbiology, enzymology, biochemistry, biocatalysis, organic synthesis, and molecular biology. He joined the CBB in 2006.

Administrative Staff

Mitchell Rotman joined CBB in 2010 as administrator. Mitchell has Master Degrees in Chemistry, Business Administration, and Health and Hospital Management from the University of Iowa. Mitchell's previous experience includes serving as a research administrator for a clinical department, managing a customer-focused department within an academic health center as well as working in basic molecular biological research. In this position, Mitchell is integral on the business side of CBB in accounting, human resources and planning our annual conference. On the academic side, he is involved in the CBB NIH fellowships.

Troy McCarthy has a B.S. in Biology from the University of Iowa (1991). Prior to joining the CBB staff in 2008, Troy had 17 years laboratory bench experience. At CBB, Troy serves as QA Assistant and the department's computer and media technician.

Kay Spidle joined CBB in 2002 as secretary for CBB. She coordinates all meetings and attendees, orders supplies, assists with reconciliation of expenditures and general office duties. Kay will be the one that greets you on the phone or in person if you visit.

Research Assistants

Melissa Coeur graduated with a B.A. in Chemistry in 1999. Melissa works in fermentation operations at CBB. Melissa joined the staff in August 2009.

Larry Dostal received a B.A. from The University of Iowa in Food and Nutrition. He has 15 years experience as a research assistant. He also brings more than 12 years of experience in analytical instruments such as HPLC, TLC and GC.

Jody Ehler started her professional career as a fermentation operator with Solvay Animal Health in 1976 and she brings extensive fermentaion skills to the CBB laboratory. She has been with the CBB since 1995. She uses her wide-ranging xperience as laboratory coordinator and has been instrumental in training new staff.

Mary Garner has a B.L.S. from Iowa State (2003). She worked as a laboratory assistant prior to joining the CBB staff in 2003. At CBB, she is involved in a wide range of activities including downstream processing and GMP quality systems. Mary then transferred to the QA Department as a Quality Associate. Currently, she is involved in the extensive documentation required for GMP operations.

Sarah Kasperbauer graduated with a B.S. in Biology and a minor in Chemistry from Fordham University at Marymount College in 2000. She has extensive experience in bioprocessing and works in both fermentation and downstream operations at CBB. Sarah joined CBB in January 2009.

Philip Lashmit received a BS in Biochemistry with a minor in Chemistry from the University of Iowa in 1993. Philip gained a wide array of molecular biology experience in his 17 years in the UI Department of Microbiology before joining CBB in July 2011.

Deanna Lettington graduated with a B.S. in Animal Science from Iowa State University. She has more than 15 years experience in biotechnology and microbiology. At CBB she works in the areas of fermentation, purification and analytical characterization of products.

Wensheng Liu has an extensive background in analytical chemistry and more than 20 years experience in large scale fermentation and downstream processing.

Michelle Railsback has a B.S. in Chemistry from Iowa Wesleyan College. She brings more than 16 years experience in biotechnology and microbiology. This includes working for Cargill and Genencor International. Michelle's wide ranging experience and leadership skills are important assets to CBB. Michelle specializes in downstream processing at CBB.

Jingying Xu graduated with a M.S. in Analytical Chemistry from NanKai University, China in 1995. She has more than 10 years of industrial experience in analytical and downstream processing. Jingying works in downstream operations at CBB. Jingying joined CBB in August 2009.

Laboratory Assistants

In addition to the full-time professional lab staff, CBB employs students to perform laboratory custodial chores.

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