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Ryan M Summers, Sujit K. Mohanty, Sridhar Gopishetty and Mani Subramanian (2015). Genetic characterization of caffeine degradation by bacteria and its potential applications. Microb Biotechnol. (DOI: 10.1111/1751-7915.12262).

Chi Li Yu , Ryan M Summers, Yalan Li, Sujit Kumar Mohanty, Mani Subramanian, and R. Marshall Pope (2014) Rapid Identification and Quantitative Validation of a Caffeine-Degrading Pathway in Pseudomonas sp. CES. J. Proteome Res., (Accepted Manuscript DOI: 10.1021/pr500751w)

Sujit K. Mohanty, Chi Li Yu, Sridhar Gopishetty, and Mani Subramanian (2014) Validation of Caffeine Dehydrogenase from Pseudomonas sp. Strain CBB1 as a Suitable Enzyme for a Rapid Caffeine Detection and Potential Diagnostic Test. J. Agric. Food Chem. Vol.62 (31), Pages 7939–7946.

Ryan M Summers, Sridhar Gopishetty, Sujit K. Mohanty and Mani Subramanian (2014) New genetic insights to consider coffee waste as feedstock for fuel, feed and chemicals. Central European Journal of Chemistry. Vol. 12(12), Pages 1271 -1279

Ryan M. Summers, Jennifer L. Seffernick, Erik M. Quandt, Chi-Li Yu, Jeffrey E. Barrick, Mani V. Subramanian (2013) Caffeine Junkie: an unprecedented GST-dependent oxygenase required for caffeine degradation by P. putida CBB5. J Bacteriol Vol.195 (17),  Pages 3933-3939.

Juan Antonio Moreno-Cid Mora, Sridhar Gopishetty, Jingying Xu, Ryan Summers, Mario Canales, José De La Fuente, Mani Subramanian (2013) Application of Simulated Moving Bed Chromatography for Protein Purification: Case Study With Caffeine-N-Demethylase B from Pseudomonas putida CBB5. Advances in Biotechnology (Published by Studium Press LLC. USA and Editors: H. N. Thatoi and B.B Mishra), Pages 1-13.

Shuvendu Das and Mani Subramanian (2013) Biocatalytic Approach to Production of Insulin-Stimulant, 4-Hydroxyisoleucine Advances in Biotechnology (Published by Studium Press LLC. USA and Editors: H. N. Thatoi and B.B Mishra), Pages 15-27.

Erik M. Quandt , Michael J. Hammerling , Ryan M. Summers, Peter B. Otoupal, Ben Slater, Razan N. Alnahhas, Aurko Dasgupta, James L. Bachman, Mani V. Subramanian, and Jeffrey E. Barrick * (2013) Decaffeination and Measurement of Caffeine Content by Addicted Escherichia coli with a Refactored N-Demethylation Operon from Pseudomonas putida CBB5. DOI: 10.1021/sb4000146.

Sujit Kumar Mohanty, Chi-Li Yu, Shuvendu Das, Tai Man Louie, Lokesh Gakhar and Mani Subramanian (2012). Delineation of Caffeine C-8 Oxidation Pathway in Pseudomonas sp. CBB1: Characterization of a New Trimethyluric Acid Monooxygenase and Genes Involved in Trimethyluric Acid Metabolism. J. Bacteriol. Vol.194(15), pages 3872-3882.

Ryan M. Summers, Tai Man Louie, Chi-Li Yu, Lokesh Gakhar, Kailin C. Louie and Mani Subramanian (2012). Novel, highly specific N-demethylases enable bacteria to live on caffeine and related purine alkaloids J. Bacteriol, Vol.194(8): 2041-9.

Shuvendu Das and Mani Subramanian (2011) Microbial Biotechnology; title: Production of pyruvic acid, 2-keto acids and chiral 2-hydroxy acids using glycolate oxidase and catalase co-expressed in Pichia pastoris; Microbial Biotechnolog (Editors H.N. Thatoi and B.B. Mishra), 2011 Page 1-19.

Ryan Summers, Tai Man Louie, Chi Li Yu, and Mani Subramanian. 2011. Characterization of a Broad-Specificity Non-heme Iron N-Demethylase from Pseudomonas putida CBB5 Capable of Utilizing Several Purine Alkaloids As Sole Carbon and Nitrogen Source. Microbiology, 2011, Vol.157 (2): 583-592.

S. R. Gopishetty, M. T. Louie, Chi-Li Yu and M. V. Subramanian. 2011. Microbial Degradation of caffeine, methylxanthines and its biotechnological applications. Microbial Biotechnolog (Editors H.N. Thatoi and B.B. Mishra), 2011, Page 44-67.

S. R. Gopishetty, M. T. Louie and M. V. Subramanian, 2011. Microbial Transformations of Natural Products. Encyclopedia of Life Support Systems (EOLSS) (In Press)

M.V. Subramanian, J. H. Glenn IV and Shuvendu Das (2007) International Publication Number: WO 2009/064277 A1

Miles L., Louie T.M., and Subramanian, M.V.  Sweetener Preparations and Methods of Use.  US20100076176(A1).

Shuvendu Das, J. H. Glenn IV, Mani Subramanian (online published on Dec 15, 2009) Enantioselective oxidation of 2-hydroxy carboxylic acids by glycolate oxidase and catalase coexpressed in methylotrophic Pichia pastoris. Biotechnol. Prog. Pub# 10.1002/btpr.363 PDF

Soumitra Biswas, Nirmala Kaushik, Ashok Pandey,. Bioprocess and Bioproducts: Technology Trends and Opportunities. Chapter 8: Biorefinery and Planet Earth: Is This a Marriage Made in Heaven? Mani Subramanian. pg. 124-133

Jennifer L. Seffernick, Sudip K. Samanta, Tai Man Louie, Lawrence P. Wackett, and Mani Subramanian. Investigative mining of sequence data for novel enzymes: A case study with nitrilases. J. Biotechnol. (2009), doi:10.1016/j.jbiotec.2009.06.004

Chi Li Yu, Tai Man Louie, Ryan Summers, Yogesh Kale, Sridhar Gopishetty, and Mani Subramanian*, Two Distinct Pathways for Metabolism of Theophylline and Caffeine Are Coexpressed in Pseudomonas putida CBB5, Journal of Bacteriology, July 2009, Vol. 191, No. 14, p. 4624–4632

Chi Li Yu, Sridhar Gopishetty, Yogesh Kale, Tai Man Louie, and Mani Subramanian* . A Novel Caffeine Dehydrogenase in Pseudomonas 5 sp. CBB1 Oxidized Caffeine to Trimethyluric Acid, J Bacteriology, Vol 190, Jan 2008, p. 772-776.

K.A. Gray, T.H. Richardson, D.E. Robertson, P.E. Swanson and M.V. Subramanian (2003). Advances in Applied Microbiology. 52:pp 1-27.

K. Hanley, L.V. Nguyen, F. Khan, G.P. Pogue, F. Vojdani, S. Pandey, F. Pinot, V.B. Oriedo, L. Rasochova, M.V. Subramanian, B. Miller and E.L. White (2003). Development of a plant viral vector-based gene expression assay for the screening of yeast cytochromie P450 monooxygenases. Assays and Drug Development Technologies 1: pp 147-160.

S.A. Brunn, B. Patel, A. Lui, P. Bernasconi, M.V. Subramanian and J.D. Regan (1997). Characterization of a new and structurally distinct auxin transport inhibitor, phenylpyrazole. Manuscript in clearance for submission to PNAS.

M.V. Subramanian , J. Tuckey, B. Patel and P.J. Jensen (1997). Engineering dicamba selectivity in crops: A search for appropriate degradation enzymes. J. Industrial Microbiology Vol. 19, Issue 5/6, pages 344-349.

M.V. Subramanian , S.A. Brunn, P. Bernasconi, B. Patel and J.D. Reagan (1997). Revisiting auxin transport inhibition as a mode of action for herbicides. Weed Science Vol. 45, pages 621-627.

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