1) Know the three levels of biodiversity.

2) What are the two traditional aspects of humanity used to measure ecological impact, and what is the third indicator now recognized?

3) Know the benefits of biodiversity.

4) Know the definition of a "keystone species".

5) What percent of species that have existed on this planet are extinct?

6) What are the natural causes of extinction?

7) Why should we be concerned about the modern extinction event?

8) What are the anthropogenic (human related) causes of extinction?

9) Which anthropogenic cause of extinction is most important for the past century, and for the past four centuries?

10) Why do introduced species frequently out-compete native species?

11) Know the difference between an endangered species, a threatened species, and a vulnerable species.

12) What are the methods being used to protect biodiversity?

13) Approximately how many species are on the Endangered Species Act list?

14) What is the strategy of the Endangered Species Act?

15) What are Grumbine's four management principles for protecting biodiversity in a large-scale, long-range approach?