Applied Cello for Majors and Non-Majors
Fall and Spring 2002-2003
Professor Arnone, VMB 2002
Phone: 5-1641 email: or

Scheduling: All lesson times can be arranged with me during the first week of each semester. If you would like to trade lesson times with another student or move your regular time on a temporary or permanent basis, feel free to do so but just let me know about the new time so I know what to expect.

Grades: Grades will be based upon a combination of: attendance, preparation, individual improvement, progress towards specified goals, progress toward degree (if applicable), and Seminar requirements (see Seminar Syllabus).

Attendance and Timeliness: Attendance is mandatory unless you are ill. If you have a conflict with a lesson time that is unavoidable, you must contact me at least 24 yours (more would be appreciated) prior to your scheduled lesson time. Time permitting I will try to provide make-up lessons, but I will not guarantee this. A better idea (for your sake) would be to try and switch lessons with another student. My schedule will be posted on my door sometime during the first week of classes. If for some reason I must cancel a lesson you will be given a makeup lesson at your earliest convenience. Unexcused absences will affect your grade for the semester. I also understand that it may not always be possible to arrive to your lesson on time. Please make every attempt, though, to be there before your scheduled time.

Lesson Preparation: I expect that you all come to each lesson prepared and ready to perform and work on your assignments for the week. This includes having practiced sufficiently, being prepared with questions and comments, and bringing all lesson materials (music, books, notepads, tape recorder, etc.). If you are insufficiently prepared, I reserve the right to dismiss you from the lesson. I don't anticipate this being a problem as I am sure you will all be prepared.

Seminar: Cello seminar is a required part of your applied lessons if you are a performance/education/music therapy major, though ALL are welcome and encouraged to attend. Please feel free to bring friends and colleagues too!

Office Hours: My teaching schedule will eventually be posted on my door. If you need to see me outside of your lesson time, please feel free to drop by during office hours, or make an arrangement for another time if this is impossible.

Graduate Assistant: This year our graduate teaching assistant is Giovanna Cruz. If there is something you need help with and you either cannot get in touch with me or you think that she can help you, please contact her. Her phone number is 353-4320.

Accompanist: If you are performing a work with piano for your lesson or cello seminar, you must arrange for an accompanist yourself (I will not do it for you). You may either use our studio's assigned accompanist or one of your own choosing. Our class accompanist is Hikari Nakamura. Her phone number is 936-1098. We only have her for 2.5 hours a week so don't schedule too much time with her. You must get her music 2 WEEKS IN ADVANCE for her to have ample time to prepare! Thanks for your efforts to keep Hikari happy.

The Bulletin Board: Please check the bulletin board a few times pe week as I may have some messages or announcements for everyone.

I need to hear from anyone who has a disability which may require some modification of seating, testing or other class requirements so that appropriate arrangements may be make. Please see me after seminar class or during my office hours.

I am looking forward to working with all of you this year!

Anthony Arnone