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  NIKKEI opens at 20:00 ET 11/21  
 HANG SENG  14,888.55 -37.84 -0.25%
   more World Markets
   10YR100 1/32   
   -7/32Yield: 4.49%   
5:00 PM ET, 11/18/2005
What techies want: 2005 gift guide Nov 19
Business 2.0's list of the coolest new gadgets this year. (more)

Nov 18
Want to own tech but looking for something a little smaller? Here are names worth a look. (more)

Nov 19
The month long stock market advance will try to withstand the challenges of Thanksgiving week. (more)

Nov 18 is accused of sending out bogus romantic e-mails, Yahoo may have posted made up profiles. (more)



Stock of the week: Whole Foods
Gourmet grocer shares are up more than 50 percent since the start of the year. Is this stock a good buy? (more)
  • Free gas for you

  • Former IRS chief: You're paying too much Former IRS boss Charles Rossotti thinks that if it were harder to cheat, you'd be a lot better off. (more)

    New owners, old problems? New owners, old problems?
    by Chris Isidore
    Turnover in MLB ownership since '94-'95 strike could mean tougher labor deal a year from now. (more)

    Buy a piece of HOLLYWOOD Buy a piece of HOLLYWOOD
    The original landmark sign from 1923 is being listed on eBay for $300,000. Get your bids in. (more)

    What was the top business news story of the past week?
      Google tops $400 a share
      Nasdaq reaches 4-1/2 year high; oil at 4-month low
      Housing market slowdown seen
      Senate OKs tax cut extension
      Wal-Mart sees 'good' holiday season

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    Here's Mr. Macy Federated CEO Terry Lundgren believes there still a place for department stores. (more)
    Blinging up baby Will baby be any more comfortable in a $2000 stroller or a $450 carrier? (more)
    Harry seeks movie magic Studio execs tense as holiday season kicks off with 'Goblet of Fire' and other major flicks. (more)

    M O R E    N E W S
    'He was in the mall, walking along, firing'
    U.S. doubts Mosul attack hit al-Zarqawi
    Bush thanks Mongolia for Iraq support
    End of an Era? The Prozac Backlash
    Spitzer: Satan or Savior?
    It's Time to Rev Up Your Job Hunt

    The Empire Strikes Back
    The iPod Influence
    How Algae Clear the Air
    Colts beat Bengals in shootout
    College Football Week 12 gallery
    Stewart wins second Nextel Cup
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