Pharmacokinetics and Biopharmaceutics (46:138) is a required course in the P-2 year of the Doctor of Pharmacy Program at The University of Iowa. These pages provide supplemental material for the lectures given by Dr. Craig Svensson . On weeks during which lectures are given, Dr. Svensson will hold office hours on Wednesday from 11:30 to 12:15 (Rm S213). Please feel free to stop by with questions at other times and, if time permits, your questions will be addressed then. If not, an appointment can be made for a mutually convenient time.

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  Competencies for Pharmacokinetics and Biopharmaceutics

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  Reading Assignments from Rowland and Tozer's Clinical Pharmacokinetics: Concepts and Applications, 3rd edition and Washington, Washington, and Wilson's Physiological Pharmaceutics: Barriers to Drug Absorption, 2nd edition..

  Expanded Answers for problems in Rowland and Tozer's Clinical Pharmacokinetics: Concepts and Applications, 3rd edition.

  Forgotten your elementary statistics? Click here for a helpful online tutorial that is a good refresher

  Forgotten what you learned in biology about genetics? Click here for a helpful online site from the University of Utah that provides elementary genetics information. For a more complete review of genetics, click here for a site at the University of Iowa Virtual Hospital that provides a good primer on genetics for health care professionals.

  Click here for a helpful online course in Pharmacokinetics and Biopharmaceutics

  Click here for a listing of online resources in pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics


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