Case #343: CT Brain, 11/15/93: Cysticercosis.

CC: none, routine visit.


Hx: 12 y/o RH Hispanic girl returned to the pediatric Neurology clinic for routine follow up of her seizure disorder. She was born and raised in Davenport, Iowa and was diagnosed with a right Bell's palsy in 1/93. She was treated with prednisone without much effect. In 2/93, she presented in status epilepticus. She was afebrile and without symptoms of cold/flu immediately prior to her episode of status epilepticus. She was initially treated with dilantin and later switched to in 12/93 Tegretol due to arthralgias and other symptoms suggestive of a lupus syndrome. A HCT at that time revealed multiple ring enhancing lesions in the posterior aspect of the left temporal lobe. Cysticercosis titers were positive and she was treated with praziquantel for 1 week.

She had a febrile seizure at a few months of age and had been seizure free until 2/93.

She was later diagnosed with systemic lupus erythematosus.

She has had no seizures in 3 years.

MEDS: Tegretol 200mg BID, Isoniazid, Albuterol MDI, Methylprednisolone 60mg QOD, Vasotec 5mg qd, Bactrim 1 tab qMWF, Procardia XL.

PMH: as above.

SHx: 7th grade. In special education classes.

FHx: lives with both parents.

EXAM: Unremarkable except for residual right Bell's palsy and Cushinoid appearance with obesity.

MRI 11/15/93 shows a single ring enhancing lesion in the left temporal lobe.

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