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Welcome to our course, Professional Challenges in Rehabilitation Counselor Education.


This is a unique distributed learning doctoral seminar for rehabilitation counselor educators - in - training. The course has been co-constructed by the combined faculties and doctoral students of The Big 3 Consortium and is supported in part by a Learning Technology Innovation Seed Grant from the Committee on Institutional Cooperation (CIC).

The Big 3 Consortium is an informal consortium of the rehabilitation counseling doctoral programs of three CIC member universities (Michigan State University, Pennsylvania State University, and The University of Iowa) that has been in existence since 1996. The intent of The Big 3 is to provide the faculty systematic opportunities to consult on pressing issues in rehabilitation counselor education, and to provide socialization into the role of rehabilitation counselor educator and mentorship and networking opportunities for the programs' doctoral students.

This course was developed as an outgrowth of the group's interest in exploring the potential for distance education in the profession, and to provide the students a scholarly and practice-based introduction to the technical and pedagogical aspects of distributed education. Students will learn about four areas that represent contemporary challenges to rehabilitation counselor educators through completing basic work in all course modules and advanced work in teams to explore one of these areas in depth. The modules are:

a) Distributed Learning in Rehabilitation Counselor Education
b) Multiculturalism, Diversity and Rehabilitation Counselor Education
c) Professionalism and Rehabilitation Counseling
d) Professional Writing Skills and Scholarly Publication

The course involves a web-based, on-line format supplemented by one on-site conference (at MSU in September, 2000) and one interactive videoconference to enhance the ongoing development of collegial relationships and an electronic community. The course is being co-led by faculty from each of the three campuses in equal collaboration, with The University of Iowa serving as the lead institution for web-course hosting and grant administration. Lead course faculty are: Drs. Michael Leahy and Rhonda Egidio (Michigan State University), Dr. Jim Herbert (Pennsylvania State University), and Dr. Vilia Tarvydas (The University of Iowa). Technical support and assistance is provided through The University of Iowa College of Education by Yolanda Edwards and David Dawson, rehabilitation counselor education doctoral students. For further information about this course contact, you may contact Dr. Vilia Tarvydas (



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