Recommended Book in the Study of

Bandura, A. (1997). Self-efficacy: The exercise of control. New York: W. H. Freeman.
Bandura's exhaustive treatment of the concept of self-efficacy from every angle: theory, philosophy, definition, measurement, findings, and implications. The first half of the book is largely self-efficacy theory--what self-efficacy is, from where it comes, the processes that underlie it, how it develops, how it can be measured, and so on. The second half of the book is largely self-efficacy findings and applications. Notice that chapters 6-11 are all addressed to a separate domain of study/application. Hopefully, one of these domains is of particular interest to you.


Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Theoretical Perspectives
Chapter 2: The Nature and Structure of Self-Efficacy
Chapter 3: Sources of Self-Efficacy
Chapter 4: Mediating Processes
Chapter 5: Developmental Analysis of Self-Efficacy
Chapter 6: Cognitive Functioning
Chapter 7: Health Functioning
Chapter 8: Clinicial Functioning
Chapter 9: Athletic Functioning
Chapter 10: Organizational Functioning
Chapter 11: Collective Efficacy