Journal Assignment Outline

Week One


Lying Assignment

Week Two


Journal Assignment: “A (Personal) 2DO List”

Extra Credit Due Week Fourteen



Week Three

Journal assignment: “Seven Wonders of Your World”

Week Four

Journal assignment: "Everyone has a Story"

Reading Assignment: "Hero on the Iowa River"

Week Five

Journal assignment: "Taking Stock"(Option #1) or "Taking Stock" (Option #2)

Reading Assignment: Enough: The Time Cost of Stuff

Calculate your own ecological footprint – bring results to class

Week Six

Journal assignment: 1) "Taking (a different kind of) Stock" (Option #1) or

2) "Taking (a different kind of) Stock" (Option #2)

Side assignment: Create a “life card”

Week Seven

Working Two Weeks Ahead
Journal Assignment: “Take Back Your Time Day” - Student choice

Mid-term Exam Review

Week Eight

Mid-term Exam

Spring Break March 15th through 19th

Week Nine

“Take Back Your Time Day” Student choice – (from Week Seven)

Week Ten

Journal assignment: 1) "The Artistic Touch" or 2) "Voice for a Generation"

Week Eleven

Journal assignment: "Creating Social Capital"

Reading Assignment: “Two Sides of the Moon: The Honor Killing of Hatun Sürücü”

Week Twelve

Journal assignment: "The Ad-man"

Week Thirteen

Journal assignment: "Leisure through the Lifespan"

Calculate your own life expectancy bring results to class. (This site is maintained by the Northwestern Mutual Life Insurance Company; a series of questions links behavior to aging and helps students figure out long they can expect to live.  Everyone should be able to complete the information.) (Asks for some detailed information) (This site offers a tool that will calculate future life expectancy.  Very simplistic)

Reading Assignment: Studs Terkel’s Chicago Tribune Obituary

Week Fourteen

Journal assignment: "A Letter of Gratitude"

Extra credit volunteer service hours due
“Personal 2do List” Verifications due (Extra credit from Week Two)

Week Fifteen

Final Exam Review

Week Sixteen – May 10th begins Exam Week

Final Exam Week