The Victories of Dan Gable

freestyle vhs coverDan Gable has been called the "Babe Ruth" of wrestling. He won the Olympic Gold Medal in 1972 by not surrendering a point to any of his opponents. This, despite the fact the Soviets came to the Olympics with only one goal in mind, to defeat Gable. Following the Olympics, Gable went on to be the most successful coach in the history of the sport. From the brutal murder of his sister that drove him to win 181 consecutive matches, to the terrorist shaken 1972 Olympics that earned him a Gold Medal, Dan Gable defines a true American Champion. Early footage of Gable's life is combined with a behind the scenes view of his last season as the coach at the University of Iowa. This documentary presents an inside look into the unique culture of wrestling and a rare view of this legendary sports figure.

Los Angeles Times
...opens a window on a man who was as fierce a competitor as modern sport has seen.

The Chicago Tribune
...a winner!

John Smith, Head Wrestling Coach, Oklahoma State University
...a truly remarkable documentary...