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Questionnaire on the Leisure Habits of Successful Professionals

Muhamamad Ali
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Leo Buscaglia

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Hucci (Spring 2005)
Neighborhood Pharmacy (Spring 2005)
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Things of Interest

Overscheduled Kids, Underconnected Families: The Research Evidence
Jaak Panksepp - Rat tickle (.mov)
Marc Bekoff's homepage
Information about his books, reviews and links to articles about Berkoff or featuring his ideas.
The Jane Goodall Institute
A media rich site that takes you into the world of chimpanzees and introduces visitors to Godall's efforts to save them and other members of the great ape family.
Jane Goodall's Utopian Vision 

Bono’s Remarks to the National Prayer Breakfast Streaming Video (Read the online Text Version [.pdf])
Animal Play: Evolutionary, Comparative, and Ecological Perspectives
This site, CogWeb, provides abstracts of each of the chapters in this 1998 book edited by Mark Bekoff and John Alexander Byers.
Play in Animals and Humans
Abstracts of each of the chapters in this 1984 book edited by Peter K. Smith, also on CogWeb.
What is Play For? Sexual Selection and the Evolution of Play (PDF file)
Garry Chick, Pennsylvania State University, presented this keynote address at the annual meeting of The Association for the Study of Play, St. Petersburg, FL, February, 1998.
In Conversation with David Buss
An interview with the author of The Evolution of Desire from the Internet magazine The Evolutionist from the London School of Economics. See also: Chapter one of Buss's The Dangerous Passion, in the New York Times.
The Descent of Man: The Mating Game
"How do you rate? The current generation of Darwinsts have a lot to say about the whys and wherefores of finding a partner. Many of their theories are considered contentious, not the least their explanations for the differences in the behaviour of men and women."
Mating Lizards Play a Game of Rock-Paper-Scissors
"Just as a rock crushes--and so beats--scissors in the game, orange-throated lizards out-compete the less aggressive blue-throated males; just as scissors cut paper, protective blue-throated lizards win against sneaky yellow-throated males; and as paper covers a rock, the yellow-throated lizards are successful against roving orange-throated males." Scientific American, December 5, 2000.
The Expression of the Emotions in Man and Animals
An online version of Charles Darwin's book first published in 1872.
A Finnish site that offers collection of assessable scholarly articles in English on animal communication.
B. F. Skinner Foundation
In addition to a bibliography of books and articles, this site offers a brief biography written by Skinner's daughter Julie Vargas and Skinner's own brief survey of operant behavior and a downloadable program of self-instruction on The Analysis of Behavior.
Read how B. F. Skinner's experiments with teaching pigeons how to play ping pong influenced the development of the Google search engine technology.
Twin Oaks Intentional Community
Inspired by B. F. Skinner's novel Waldon Two, this intentional community hopes to be "a model social system."
Comunidad los Horcones - Walden Two
"Los Horcones is a Walden Two community. It was founded in 1973 with the objective of seeking an alternative lifestyle based on cooperation, sharing, non-violence, equality and ecological sustainability. Its defining characteristic is the application of the science of behavior in cultural design, analysis and change."