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graybullet.gif (839 bytes)Accountant

    Accountant Trainee
    Accounting Analyst
    Accounting Clerk
    Accounting Coordinator
    Accounting Teacher
    Accounting Payable Supervisor
    Administrative Financial Assistant
    Advertising / Sales Accountant
    Assistant Accountant
    Assistant Auditor
    Assistant Controller
    Assistant Director of Finance
    Assistant Director of Information Systems
    Assistant to the Controller
    Assistant Manager
    Assistant Bank Manager
    Associate Auditor
    Bank Auditor
    Bank Examiner
    Bank Trainee
    Budget Assistant
    Certified Public Accountant
    CPA Financial Trainee
    Corporate Accountant
    Corporate Auditor
    Corporate Planner
    Corporate Tax Accountant
    Cost Accountant
    Cost Analyst
    Electronic Data Processing Auditor
    Financial Management Program Trainee
    Financial Planner
    Government Accountant
    Information Systems Analyst
    Internal Auditor
    Independent Auditor
    Internal Revenue Agent
    Inventory Controller
    Junior Accountant
    Junior Auditor
    Management Trainee, Accounting
    Managerial Accountant
    Property Accountant
    Project Accountant
    Public Accountant
    Savings & Loan Examiner
    Staff Accountant
    Tax Accountant
    Tax Consultant
    Tax Examiner
    Underwriter Trainee
    Financial Auditor
    Internal Accountant

graybullet.gif (839 bytes)Employment Areas

    Public Accounting:

      Compilation and Review
      Tax Advising Services
      Management Advisory Services

    Management Accounting
    Governmental & Institutional Accounting
    Accounting Education

graybullet.gif (839 bytes)Note 1 : Some of the above job/career titles require advanced degrees or specialized training.

graybullet.gif (839 bytes)Note 2 : Degrees alone do not get student jobs. Internships, externships, summer jobs, volunteer work, part-time jobs, work-study positions, and active participation in student organizations on campus are all ways to become more competitive in a tight job market.

Compiled by the Career Information Service Staff Spring 1990