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Computer Programs

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The GENOVA Suite of computer programs for generalizability theory consists of GENOVA, urGENOVA, and mGENOVA.  The three programs are coordinated with Brennan (2001), which provides an extensive treatment of generalizability theory.  Brennan (2001) can be purchased from the publisher, Springer-Verlag (  It is strongly recommended that users of these programs consult Brennan (2001) in order to interpret the output accurately.

There are complied versions of GENOVA, urGENOVA, and mGENOVA for both Macintosh PowerPCs and DOS/Windows-based PCs.  Each of the programs in the GENOVA Suite may be distributed to others without obtaining the permission of the author(s).

The folders for each program contain a "readme" file, a manual in pdf format, the application, and at least one sample input file. Questions concerning these programs should be directed to Robert L. Brennnan, Center for Advanced Studies in Measurement and Assessment, 297 Lindquist North, University of Iowa, Iowa City, IA  52242 (Tel:  319-335-5405) (Fax:  319-384-0505) (Email:

The PC files are in .zip format. They can be unzipped using various software including WinZip ( and PK Unzip (

The Mac files are in .sit format.  These files require Stuffit Expander to extract the contents.  A free version of Stuffit Expander is available from  (Stuffit can also expand .zip files.)

(16.9 MB for PC and Mac)                  

GENOVA is a ANSI FORTRAN computer program for univariate  generalizability analyses with complete, balanced designs.  It has both G study and D study capabilities.  GENOVA was designed by R. L. Brennan and coded by J. E. Crick in the  early 1980s.  The file is large because the manual is a pdf version of a scanned file.

urGENOVA (356 KB for PC and Mac                               

urGENOVA is an ANSI C computer program for the estimation of  variance components for unbalanced random effects G study  designs.  The program does not have D study capabilities.  urGENOVA was designed and coded by R. L. Brennan.

(660 KB for PC and Mac)                                 

mGENOVA is an ANSI C computer program for multivariate generalizability analyses for a restricted class of designs.  For these designs, the program has both G study and D study capabilities.  mGENOVA was designed and coded by R. L.  Brennan.

GT Other
(320 KB for PC and Mac)

Brennan's (2001) book on "Generalizability Theory" provides a set of exercises for each chapter, and Appendix I provides answers to about half of the exercises.  Answers to the remaining exercises are provided as a separate pdf file in the "GT  Other" folder.  Also provided in this folder is a pdf file containing  errata for "Generalizability Theory". In the future, this folder may contain additional files listing other information that may be of interest to users of generalizability theory.


Brennan, R. L. (2001).  Generalizability theory.  New York:  Springer-Verlag.


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