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Council on Disability Awareness
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Disability-related Topics/Presentations Presenters/Resources Available Contact Information
Disability 101 Training

Disability and Employment

  1. General
  2. Mental Health

Disability Philosophy

Disability Resources

  1. Community
  2. Employment
  3. Technology
  1. Faculty/Staff Disability Services Staff (FSDS)

  2. FSDS

  3. ICATER – Jim Stachowiak




Facility Accessibility

  • Accessibility Challenges within Higher Education
  • Challenges of Advancing Accessibility
  • The Challenges of Going Beyond Compliance
History of Disability
  • In America

Know Your Rights (ADA)

Personal Stories

Disability Power/Oppression/Privilege

Specific Disabilities

  • Psychiatric Conditions Treatment & Employment

Students with Disabilities

Universal Design

  1. General
  2. Instruction
  1. ICATER - Jim Stachowiak

Visual Impairments