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Council on Disability Awareness

Revised 2012

Article 1: Name
The name of this organization shall be the Council on Disability Awareness (hereinafter referred to as the Council.)

Article II: Mission Statement
The mission of the Council is to advocate for the full development and maintenance of an attitudinal, physical , and technical environment that encourages people with disabilities to participate fully in the educational, occupational, social, and cultural life of the University of Iowa.

Article III: Membership
Members of the university community committed to the Council’s mission statement may become members of the Council. The Council Co-Chairs shall maintain a membership list. Members are encouraged to renew their membership annually by notifying the Co-Chairs by September. The Council encourages diversity among its members, and welcomes faculty, staff, students and community members to serve on the Council.

Article IV: Meeting
The Council shall meet monthly or as appropriate. The chair(s) may call special meetings as necessary.

Members present constitute a quorum.

Voting Rights
Each member of the Council shall have one vote. New members have no vote until they have attended two meetings, then at the third meeting, member will become a voting member. A motion shall pass by simple majority of quorum.

Article V: Officers
The Council’s officers shall consist of two Co-Chairs, Secretary, Treasurer, and Public Relations Coordinator. These officers shall comprise the Executive Committee. Any member may nominate a candidate, or candidates may self-nominate. The term of office shall be one year. All members of the Executive Committee must be voting members of the Council. The election shall be held in May. New officers shall assume office in June.

Duties and Responsibilities of Officer Positions



Public Relations Coordinator

Article IV: Committees
The Council may create ad hoc committees as necessary. Voting members and ex-officio members may serve on ad hoc committees. Ad hoc committees present recommendations for action to Council for a vote by voting members.

Article VII: Amendments
The Council’s by-laws can be amended by a two-thirds majority of attending members in a vote at a month meeting.