Get to Know Our Members!

Meeting Notes - January 15, 2009

Present: David Fitzgerald, Jan Gorman, John Mickelson, Tiffini Stevenson Earl

A large welcome was extended to the many new people at the meeting.  CDA continues to expand and we welcome this increased representation of the community and students.  Please note the new email addresses in this email and add these names/addresses to the CDA roster.

The meeting was called to order at 3:30 PM. 

  1. Review/Approval of Minutes:
    • Checking for pulse
    • Disability Summit—issues brought up—what next
    • CDA by the By Laws – co-chair, secretary, treasurer
    • Possible presenter/speaker at some future time
    • “Disability” – How it fits with the Center for Diversity and Enrichment (CDE)
    • Inertia to momentum
    • Additional items
  2. Disability Summit
    • Discussed issues raised via email by Stephen Kuusisto and Len Sandler.
    • While discussing campus accessibility, John raised the issue that EPB does not have accessible restrooms.
    • John also stated that CDA needs to bring problems to the attention of those who can fix them.
    • Respect Campaign—discussed disability as a component of the campaign. Jan provided additional information about the campaign, its purpose, and its website.
  3. CDA Officers
    • Discussed whether students should attend CDA meetings.
    • Jan agreed to co-chair CDA, assuming there is no potential conflict of interest with being the Director of FSDS.
    • David indicated that he would consider being the treasurer of CDA and will ask Stephen if he would co-chair CDA.
    • David will ask Student Disability Services if a staff member can take notes during CDA meetings.
  4. Possible presenter/speaker at some future time
    • Jan recommended Andre Imparato, President & CEO of the American Association of People with Disabilities. She met him at a conference that she attended and was impressed with his presentation on “ways to change your culture.” Jan spoke with Mr. Imparato at the conference, and he indicated that he would be willing to present at the UI.
    • Tiffini received his contact information from Jan and indicated that she would contact him to see if he would be willing to speak at the Spring 09 Disability Summit.
  5. Disability- How it fits with the Center for Development and Enrichment (CDE)
    • David was present during a presentation given by Johnnie Sims, CDE. During the presentation, David believes that Johnnie indicated that CDE does not serve students with disabilities.
    • David will write a letter to Marcella David to find out where disability fits in at CDE.
  6. Inertia to momentum
    • Moving CDA forward; more meetings, maybe twice a month instead of once a month, and focusing meeting efforts. Will discuss this during February meeting.
  7. Additional items
    • David will place CDA meetings on CDA members Outlook calendars.

    The meeting was adjourned at 4:30 PM