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Meeting Notes - Feb. 17, 2011

Present:  Helen Jameson, Carly Armour, Shelli Meyer, Mark Harris, Teresa Kout, Mike Hoening, Peter Gerhard, Scott Gill, Kathy Forbes, Tiffini Stevenson-Earl

Call to order
Helen Jameson & Carly Armour, Co-Chairs called meeting to order at 12:00pm.

Introductions were made.

  1. Writing Contest Deadline post-poned

    • The deadline for submission has been extended until 9/16/2011.
    • The Reception will now be in October during Disability Awareness month.
    • It was discussed changing to cash prizes for 1st and 2nd place if funds are approved.
    • Carly will email those who have submitted about the contest changes.
    • A third judge is needed.   Any recommendations can be emailed to Carly Armour
    • To locate past contest winners at the UI Library:, then click on Services, then Iowa Research Online.   The repository is a service of University of Iowa Libraries. Research and scholarly output included here has been selected and deposited by the faculty, researchers and students of the University of Iowa.  This site will be made to be accessible for all disabilities. 

  2. Activities for next academic year
    • Writing contest
    • Event during the ADA Celebration in July
    • “See What I’m Saying”, film in the Spring of 2012
    • Mental illness simulator, Shelli Meyer will get information
    • Booth at the Iowa State Fair 
    • Get movies added into Bijou's Schedule
    • The films could have a panel afterward so possibly students can turn something in for extra credit, as well as professionals for continuing education.  

  3. End of Year Report- to Georgina Dodge by May
    • Increase in membership
    • Winter celebration
    • CDA marketed the Disability Summit
    • Presenters
    • Brochure
    • Speakers Bureau
    • Business Cards

Meeting adjourned at 1:00pm by Helen Jameson & Carly Armour, Co-Chairs

The next meeting will be Thursday, March 17th at 12pm, Location:  2520B UCC
Minutes submitted by:  Shelli Meyer
Approved by:  Carly Armour