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Welcome to Council on Disability Awareness

Meeting Notes - March 15, 2012

Present: Helen Jameson, Carly Armour, Shelli Meyer, Mark Harris, David Fitzgerald, Bob Harding, Rachel Gatewood, Jan Gorman, Peter Gerhard, Kris Smith, Chris Peterson, Teresa Kout, Boyd Knosp, Tiffini Stevenson-Earl, Pam

Call to order
Carly Armour, Chair called meeting to order at 12pm.

  1. New Officer Positions for 2012-2013
    • Mike Hoenig was nominated as Co-Chair
    • Possibly new secretary will be needed
    • Will need a Treasurer
    • Nominations may be sent to
    • Vote will be held in April

  2. Report from Chief Diversity Office
    • All current diversity councils will no longer be recognized by the CDO nor any other department of UI
    • A reason given was due to liability issues for the UI
    • CDA is only council that has a population that does not have a cultural center such as LGBTQ-RC, African-American Cultural Center, and WRAC

  3. CDA's Mission and Direction
    • Discussed the mission and direction CDA is going taking now and in the future.
    • Members will review mission and bylaws to discuss at next month's meeting

  4. Future Projects for CDA
    • Building input: Brian is still sorting things out within Facilities Management on the prospect of him presenting proposed new facility design information relative to access.
    • Occupational Therapy has a “Wheelchair Day” - Can CDA partner with them for this?
    • Mental Illness Awareness Month is October 2012
      • Members agree to do T-Shirt Campaign again
    • Find out the way UIHC presents available resources to new employees.
    • Show disability-related films
      • Find Co-Sponsors
      • Meet with Bijou
      • See if Disability Studies have films as a part of their curriculum
  5. Upcoming Events
    • Eli Clare- Multi-Cultural Speaker –
      Thursday, April 5th
      • “At the Intersections of Queerness & Disability” speaking engagement on 2pm-4pm. Located at the Iowa City Public Library, Room A.
      • “Gawking, Gaping, Staring” speaking engagement on Thursday, April 5th from 7pm-9pm- reception after. Located at the UI Old Capitol Senate.
    • UI Walk It Out Multicultural Fashion Show: April 7th, 2012 at 6:30pm to 10:30pm at the IMU Main Lounge, Free Admission.
    • Bill Sackter Day with film and panel– School of Social Work – April 13th, 2012
    • MultiCultural Graduation and Recognition Banquet- May 2012

Meeting adjourned at 1:00 pm by Carly.

The next meeting will be Thursday, March 15th at 12pm, Location: 2520, UCC)

Minutes submitted by: Shelli Meyer, Secretary
Approved & Modified by: Carly Armour, Co-Chair