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Meeting Notes - March 18, 2010

Present:  Peter Gerhard, David Fitzgerald, Carly Armour, Jan Gorman, Cristi Burrell, Laura Schwab, John Mikelson, Keith Ruff, Scott Gill, Shams Ghoneim, Shelli Meyer

Call to order
Peter Gerhard, Co-Chair called meeting to order at 12pm.

  1. Monthly Advocacy Show - Channel 18

    • Focused on CDA Writing Contest from January 2010
    • Keith Ruff and Scott Gill facilitated
    • Carly was interviewed about CDA
    • Watched some of the winners read their pieces
    • Positive feedback given for the production

  2. Sarah Entine –Director of documentary “Read Me Differently”

    • Event will take place Tuesday, April 6th at 4pm at the IMU Bijou Theater
    • DVD captioning is being paid by Sarah Entine. Caution: Captioning covers the visual introductory readings of each speaker on film. Will alert Sarah Entine.
    • No refreshments will be served
    • Bijou staff will show how to use podium, etc
    • Discussed publicity and marketing for the event
      • Posters, Facebook, Noon News, FYI, email distributions, Kirkwood is announcing in class, locating bulletin boards
      • Electronic flyers are accessible and JAWS compatible

  3. Comedian Event - Sponsored by DPAC

    • Comedian David Roche will perform Thursday, April 22nd at 7pm in the Pomerantz Auditorium Room C20
    • Parking available at College of Business and North Ramp
    • Publicity and marketing will be by email and free radio
    • DPAC (Disability Action & Planning Committee) had agreed to fund the event, Jan Gorman is following up

  4. Comedian for Fall 2010

    • Laura Schwab will be attempting to enter Pepsi Link website to secure a grant for the cost of a possible comedian of $15K

  5. Fall 2010 Writing contest?

    • May have certain disability awareness contest such as art or writing yearly or every other year

  6. Town Gown Conference

    • March 23-24, 2010
    • Addressing media about how to communicate with civil attitude

  7. NAMI

    • Lunch 3/23/10, registration is free on NAMI website
    • Kirk Ferentz guest speaker

  8. Shams Ghonein

    • Discussed ACLU Iowa- is mental health considered a disability?
    • Does CDA need to speak out about stigma of mentally ill?
    • Has there ever been a mental health impairment event?
    • Mental Health Awareness week is October 3-9, 2010

  9. CDA Awards

    • Possibly Susan Rothman Award, very spirited person involved with CDA
    • Possibly create the Bill & Mara Schneider Award?

Meeting adjourned at 1:17pm by  Peter.  The next meeting will be Thursday, April 15th at 12pm in River Room 1 IMU.

Minutes submitted by:  Shelli Meyer

Approved by: Mark Harris