Get to Know Our Members!

Meeting Notes - March 26, 2009

Present:Katherine Betts, Peter Gerhard, Shams Ghoneim, Jan Gorman, Mark Harris, Lesley Irizarry, John Mikelson, Keith Ruff, Tiffini Stevenson-Earl, Mike Venzon

  1.  Mapping goals for next year:  The group discussed a continued desire to extend invitations to participate in the group to organizations that are not currently represented.  Specifically, there is an interest in continued participation from the Every Conner Center, The VA Hospital, NAMI-UI, ICater, and the CDD.  It is hoped that individual invitations to these groups, as well as the possibility of having a group “report” as part of an agenda item for a meeting to update us on their activities might be helpful.  We also will start linking our minutes to the DPAC website including the agenda for upcoming meetings.  It was decided that a representative from NAMI would be invited to our next meeting.
  2. Tiffini reported that the possibility of having Mr. Imparato present at a Spring event has been postponed to a possible fall event to allow more time for planning.  The group discussed possible themes for the workshop including:  The Obama agenda for Disability, What constitutes a “welcoming environment” for individuals with disabilities, and ableism as a part of multiculturalism.
  3. John and Peter provided an update on the possible Certificate for Disability Studies and a great deal of forward momentum has already been established.  Peter has identified existing UI courses that might be included as part of the certificate.  John and Steve Kuusisto have met with Barbara Eckstein in the Provost’s Office and will follow up.
  4. Sham’s provided an update on the NAMI walk that will occur May 2nd 2009.
  5. Item 5 from the agenda was postponed.
  6. Item 6 from the agenda was postponed.
  7. John reported on an upcoming National ADA Symposium in Kansas City.  No one from the group reports plans on attending and several members cited travel restrictions due to the budget.
  8. It was decided that among other agenda items we would address the CDA website and the next meeting.