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Meeting Notes - April 15, 2010

Present:  Peter Gerhard, David Fitzgerald, Carly Armour, Jan Gorman, Cristi Burrell, Laura Schwab, Mark Harris, Keith Ruff, Mike Venzon, Tiffini Stevenson-Earl, Shelli Meyer

Call to order
Peter Gerhard, Co-Chair called meeting to order at 12:09pm.

  1. Possible Non Monetary Donation to WRAC Iowa N.E.W. Leadership

    • Agreed CDA can try to help in a non monetary way

  2. Speaker Bureau – list of potential speakers

    • Possibly post a list of specific topics  on the CDA website with the speakers names confidential until they contact CDA
    • A person would become in charge of the list of topics and speakers to help navigate them to the correct speaker

  3. Comedian Event - Sponsored by DPAC

    • Comedian David Roche & Patrick DeGuire will perform for free Thursday, April 22nd at 7pm in the Pomerantz Auditorium Room C20

  4. 20th Anniversary Americans with Disabilities Act 7/26/10

    • Jan, Mark, Tiffini - planning committee
    • 3rd Annual Disability Summit could be tied into 9/10 or 10/10 for more students to participate
    • Have speakers for each age group, 40-50, 60-70 to discuss changes they have witnessed since ADA
    • Invite high school Special Education class or DPAC to attend

  5. 20 years of Progress at the Ped Mall 7/24/10

    • Access to Independence –to speak about then and now, progress made

  6. Monthly Disability TV show

    • Will become weekly
    • Carly will add to website

  7. “See What I’m Saying” Film Event for Fall 2100

    • Proposed by Carly Armour for CDA to be a co-sponsor
    • Agreed to sponsor this film to be shown in Fall 2010 an amount of $300 (total cost $2500-$3000)
    • Working with ASL department and other departments to bring to campus
    • Hopefully Bijou will show the film mutiple nights and designate one night of the showing as a community event
    • Disability Resource Library is another potential sponsor for the purchase

  8. Bijou Accessibility Issues 

    • Mechanism for visually impaired, foreign movies translated with subtitles with audio described
    • American Council for the Blind could be a resource
    • Invite Bill Nelson, Director of OSL to attend meeting

  9. New Officers for September 2010

    • Possibly Susan Rothman Award, very spirited person involved with CDA
    • Possibly create the Bill & Mara Schneider Award?

Meeting adjourned at 1:17pm by  Peter.  The next meeting will be Thursday, May 20th at 12pm in River Room 1 IMU.

Minutes submitted by:  Shelli Meyer

Approved by:   Mark Harris, Secretary