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Welcome to Council on Disability Awareness

Meeting Notes - May 20, 2010

Present:  David Fitzgerald, Carly Armour, Jan Gorman, Laura Schwab, Mark Harris, Keith Ruff, Shams Ghoneim, Helen Jameson, Mike Venzon, Tiffini Stevenson-Earl, Shelli Meyer

Call to order
David Fitzgerald, Co-Chair called meeting to order at 12:00pm.

  1. Listserv for CDA
    • Carly will manage the list and contact ITS to update active members

  2. Speaker Bureau – list of potential speakers

    • List was distributed for review, additional sources and recommendations

  3. Comedian Event - Sponsored by DPAC

    • Comedian David Roche was a success
    • Comments/complaints from attendees on opening comedian led to discussion on screening the content of performers act before being approved to perform
    • Would like to find ideas to increase Faculty and Staff attendance, possibly have a performer during the day to help get the word out

  4. 20th Anniversary Americans with Disabilities Act 7/26/10

    • Interim Chief Diversity Officer, Nicole Nisly has increased sponsorship for the event and is assisting in finding a speaker
    • Time has changed from 10-2 to new time of 1pm-4pm on 7/26
    • Mike and Carly will design a brochure to possibly hand out at the event

  5. Bill Sackter -Documentary
    • Helen and David will watch the film and give remarks/comments
    • Will check to confirm if the film has captioning because it would be a good film to present annually, possibly at the Bijou, since the film has a historical reference to the U of Iowa

  6. Chief Diversity Officer
    • Chief Diversity Office announced Georgina Dodge has been appointed the CDO
    • CDA will prepare materials on the history of CDA and invite her to attend a CDA meeting, Shelli will assist in scheduling her visit

  7. History of CDA
    • Inquired if Sham Ghoneim could put together a history since she has been involved since 1989
    • Prepare material to give new Chief Diversity Officer, Georgina Dodge
    • Jan mentioned she has a logo previously used for CDA

  8. CDA Meeting Location & Time 
    • Carly suggested CDA start meeting at a more accessible location such as UCC which also includes food vendors nearby
    • Shelli will call ITS to reserve a conference room in the UCC for CDA meetings.  The third Thursday of the month and the time of 12-1:30 will not change.
    •  Whether food and beverages can be brought into the rooms will be confirmed.

  9. New Officers for September 2010

    • Co-Chair, Carly Armour
    • Co-Chair, Helen Jameson
    • Treasurer, Mike Venzon
    • Secretary, Shelli Meyer

Meeting adjourned at 1:07pm by  David.  The next meeting will be Thursday, June 17th at 12pm. Location TBA.

Minutes submitted by:  Shelli Meyer

Approved by:   Mark Harris, Secretary