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Meeting Notes - June 14, 2012

Present: Carly Amour (Co-Chair), Teresa Kout (Co-Chair), Kathy Forbes (Public Relations Coordinator), Brian Manternach, Jan Gorman, Chris Peterson, Peter Gerhard, Scott Gill, Harry Olmstead, Tiffini Stevenson-Earl, Mark Harris, Bob Harding

Call to order
Teresa Kout, Chair called meeting to order at 12pm.

  1. Through My Eyes Film Project – Access 2 Independence

    • Scott Gill & Harry Olmstead presented on progress
    • They are halfway through the taping of the presentation. Production will continue in Fall 2012 when students return to campus.
    • The purpose of this project is to facilitate disability awareness.
    • Discussion included ways to make this available to the public, perhaps a showing at Bijou.
    • Scott and Harry will provide more information at future meetings.

  2. Revised By-Laws

    • Presented by Teresa and Carly and discussion followed
    • By-Laws with additional suggested revisions approved and will be uploaded to CDA website

  3. CDA Model to Recognize Accessibility Accomplishments: Hawk Accessibility Pride

    • Presented by Brian Manternach and Mike Hoenig (not in attendance)
    • An in-depth discussion ensued, all positive but addressing issues such as confidentiality, parameters, criteria or acknowledgment.
    • Brian created an outline detailing the CDA Model Strategy, Parameters, Procedures, Publicity, and Action Items.
    • Hawk Accessibility Pride - posted below this month's Minutes

  4. Secretary Officer Position

    • Remains open
    • A discussion followed with the decision to ask a member attending the meeting record the discussion points and action points at each meeting.
    • The document will be sent to the Co-Chairs following the meeting.

Meeting adjourned at 1:00 pm by Teresa Kout.

The next meeting will be Thursday, July 26 at noon. Reminders will be sent. Location:  2520C, UCC


Hawkeye Accessibility Pride

CDA Model to Recognize Accessibility Accomplishments





Action Items