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Meeting Notes - June 17, 2010

Present:  David Fitzgerald, Carly Armour, Mike Hoenig, Jan Gorman, Laura Schwab, Mark Harris, Keith Ruff, Shams Ghoneim, Mike Venzon, Tiffini Stevenson-Earl, Shelli Meyer, David McCartney

Call to order
David Fitzgerald, Co-Chair called meeting to order at 12:00pm and introductions were made.

  1. David McCartney, University Archivist
    • The UI Archives suggested CDA send items to archive and collaborate on an oral history project to document the people of the community.
    • Archives previously partnered with the local community for an oral history archive/documentary around 1992 of local people with a disability.  It was turned into a play “With others of their own kind”.
    • Another person interested in CDA history and possible collaborator is, Associate Professor in the History Dept. & Dept. of Communication Sciences and Disorders.  Office: 310 Schaeffer Hall   Ph: 335-2295
    • A 2 hour interview transcribed can cost $800-$1000.
    • Carly & Mike will get the CDA history box from David Fitzgerald and will review the items to send to archive.
    • Archive Rules
      • Nothing leaves the Archives.
      • It is possible to scan items and use it as long it is preserved/no damage is done, and the copyright is not infringed upon. 
      • If copyright is a concern it is the persons responsibility to get permission.

  2. Speaker Bureau – list of potential speakers
    • List was distributed for review and everyone agreed to be on the list.
    • Carly will have it ready in 1-2 weeks.
    • UI has speaker bureau, does CDA want to link to it?

  3. 20th Anniversary Americans with Disabilities Act 7/26/10, Celebration taking place 7/24
    • Time 12pm-5pm on 7/24 at the Ped Mall downtown Iowa City.
    • 1pm Chief Diversity Officer, Georgina Dodge will speak and kick off the celebration.
    • Senator Tom Harkin will speak at some time during the event.
    • There will be music, food and fun for everyone.
    • Restaurants will offer 20% off while Senator Harkin is attending.
    • Mike and Carly will design a brochure to possibly hand out at the event.

  4. Disability Resource Link, UI Home Web Page
    • Tiffini Stevenson Earl is organizing the resource link on the UI Homepage, now titled “Campus Accessiblity”
    • The name of the page will possibly be changed.
    • CDA would like there to be a contact person and/or a direct link to at contact person.
    • CDA wants to know what links are actually accessible for those with disabilities.

  5. Office of Senator Tom Harkin, Tuesday, July 12th
    • Chief Diversity Office announced Georgina Dodge has been appointed the CDO
    • CDA will prepare materials on the history of CDA and invite her to attend a CDA meeting, Shelli will assist in scheduling her visit

  6. “Music Within” a movie written by Richard Pementel, showing 7/12 location TBD
    • A true story of his life as a fighter for the rights of others with disabilities, especially vocational improvements (he himself has a hearing loss).
    • There is concern the movie may not be captioned.
    • Possible locations to view:
      • Access to Independence
      • UI Library

  7. Lower City Park 7/17 from 12-3pm
    • Free music

  8. Writing Contest Youth Prose Winner

    • Winner has been found and payment for award has been processed.

Meeting adjourned at 1:22pm by  David Fitzgerald. 

The next meeting will be Thursday, July 15th at 12pm Room C330 Pomerantz Center.

Minutes submitted by:  Shelli Meyer

Approved by:   Mark Harris, Secretary