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Meeting Notes - July 15th, 2009

Present: Carly Armour, Peter Gerhard, Scott Gill, Jan Gorman, Mark Harris, Keith Ruff, Tiffini Stevenson Earl

  1. Writing Contest Publicity:  The decision was made to use the IMU service for publicity once Peter gets an estimate about the likely number of hours of labor that will be involved in a project of this scope.
  2. The title “Voices of Disability” was approved for the contest.
  3. It was decided that publicity should be ready to go out by Labor Day and will include efforts to contact Rhetoric and Writing Instructors, local high schools and middle schools, senior center, PATV, University Relations, etc.
  4. Writing Contest Parameters.  The group suggested broad categories for the contest and favors a grand prize of $250.00 for the best overall contribution and two $100.00 prizes for the winners in the additional categories.  The categories proposed are poetry, fiction, non-fiction but we are open to reworking these on advice of the judge(s) for the competition.
  5. Carly agreed to pursue contacts we have for potential judge(s).  The group acknowledged its complete lack of experience in running a writing competition so we provided Carly with a list of questions to ask potential judge(s) and expressed openness to revising any of our thinking about contest parameters at a later date.
  6. We are open to additional feedback before deciding about an entry fee for the contest.  In any event, the group feels strongly that financial hardship requests waive any entrance fee that might be charged.
  7. Tiffini will touch base with Marcella David to make sure we actually will have funds for this event.
  8. Next Meeting will be Thursday, August 13th at noon.  Jan agreed to reserve the River Room.