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Welcome to Council on Disability Awareness

Meeting Notes - July 26, 2012

Present: Carly Armour, Co-Chair, Teresa Kout, Co-Chair, Kathy Ford, Public Relations Coordinator, Brian Manternach, Jan Gorman, Chris Peterson, Scott Gill, Tiffini Stevenson Earl, Mark Harris, Tammy Adkison, Mike Hoenig  

Guest: Adam Sullivan, Iowa City Press Citizen


A. Highlights of Disability and CDA-related Issues:

1. Education and awareness of disabilities on UI Campus including less apparent such as vision, hearing, and mental health

Member Feedback:

      1. Ensuring websites and applications are accessible to visually-challenged users prior to release (i.e., ELMS – a time reporting system)
      2. Greater commitment to accessibility at sports venues and university-based fine arts performances (audio description, captions, line of sight)
      3. Increase awareness for mental health challenges and needs of UI employees & students
      4. Continue on-going efforts towards ensuring new and old buildings and routes are accessible and easy to navigate
      5. Increasing awareness & implementing policies for communication-related disabilities  --  i.e.  “One size (interpreter) does not fit all”

2. Strategic planning including mission and vision of CDA with long-term plans that relates to UI Strategic Plan

Member Feedback:

      1. Create strategic plan highlighting the vision of CDA and issues to address over a period of time (i.e. three to five years)
      2. How does CDA plan to move forward addressing the many challenges in light of leaders/resources?  i.e. future leadership turnover
      3. Acknowledge the contribution of diversity that this set of individuals represent
      4. Addressing challenges in relation to the resources available (human, physical, and financial)


B. Update of current projects (Brian retains lists of projects, concerns, proposals)


C. Universal Design Brochure – Photo shoot for USB curb cuts (Kudos to Brian Manternach for leading this)

Project continuing, photo to connect to each principle

D. CDA Model for Identifying & Acknowledging Accessibility

E. ADA Coordinator, FSDS Director, & SDS Director are working on Disability Website

F. Disability Awareness Month

The next meeting will be Thursday, September 20 at noon. Reminders will be sent. Location:  2520B, UCC


Iowa Hawkeye Access Pride






Letter of Recognition Example:

Description: University of Iowa Logo  Council on Disability Awareness Description: Council on Disability Awareness Logo



To: Name  

On behalf of the UI Council on Disability Awareness and as part of our “Iowa Hawkeye Access Pride” campaign, we would like to acknowledge and thank you for your recent contributions in creating a friendlier environment for individuals with disabilities here at the University of Iowa. The recent accomplishments of (brief description of the accomplishment that is being recognized), has been recognized by others in the UI community as a shining example of disability awareness and efforts for improving our Campus climate to become one that stands out as being welcoming, supportive, and inclusive to individuals with disabilities.

Photo Depicting the Accomplishment


In deep appreciation and thanks,

Council on Disability Awareness