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Meeting Notes - August 6th, 2009

Present:  Cinda Coggins Mosher, David Fitzgerald, Peter Gerhard, Scott Gill, Jan Gorman, Mark Harris, John Mikelson, Keith Ruff, Tiffini Stevenson Earl, Priscilla MeKinley

  1. The Writing Contest will be called “Voices on Disability”
  2. Writing Contest Categories:  It was agreed upon that the Writing Contest would have two categories (prose/poetry) and within each category two age ranges (younger/older than 18).
  3. Writing contest parameters:  1500 words or less, can be an excerpt from a longer work.  Must not be previously published.
  4. Submission must be electronic and in word.doc format.  Written submissions will be reviewed if accompanied by an electronic submission.
  5. There will be no fee to participants.
  6. The deadline for submission is 12/1/09.
  7. Participants will need to consent to have their work published if selected.  The most likely form of publishing will be online and linked to the CDA website.
  8. It was agreed upon that in each of the four categories there would be a first place prize ($150), a second place prize ($75), and a third place prize ($25).
  9. Mark will follow up with Carly to have an email address that links to the CDA webpage.
  10. Peter will follow-up with IMU graphics for promotional materials.
  11.  In a different matter the group decided to co-sponsor the Fall Disability Summit with DPAC.