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Meeting Notes - Sept. 16, 2010

Present:  Carly Armour, David Fitzgerald, Mark Harris, Jan Gorman, Mike Hoenig, Tiffini Stevenson Earl, Shelli Meyer, Peter Gerhard, Helen Jameson

Call to order
Helen Jameson & Carly Armour, Co-Chairs called meeting to order at 12:00pm.

  1. Disabled Rowing Program “Adaptive Rowing”
    • Jane Gressang , Supervisor (Administrative Services) and LlynAnn Luellen , Rowing Coordinator (Recreational Services) visited to speak on a program called the Disabled  Rowing Program “Adaptive Rowing”.
    • The program so far has been able to assist people with all disabilities to learn to row.  So far they have assisted people who are quadriplegic, blind, etc; they are willing to try and create a way to fit any disability.  The only “requirement” is they must be age 13+ simply because of the size of the boats.
    • Most will practice two days and then row with everyone else.
    • CDA suggested they prepare hand-outs for departments, etc. to pass out and to contact Keith and Scott at Access to Independence to get information out to the public.
    • Video on You Tube about Adaptive Rowing Partners from Louisville Kentucky:,3bea229e356ac72b03ea/Adaptive-Rowing-Partners.html

  2.   Budget & Chief Diversity Office updates
    • There is no longer automatic funding.
    • ALL purchases and events MUST be pre-approved before purchasing any items. 
    • A purchase must show an academic impact, information on how it will be evaluated and a final report to the CDO office.
    • No partnering will be allowed outside of the University of Iowa.
    • Kim Carter in CDO will assist with basic website design.
    • The Council Chairs/Presidents and CDO will meet 2 times in a semester.
    • CDA wants to get requests in ASAP to avoid not having funding for something towards the end Fiscal Year (June 2011)
    • Creation of a CDA Calendar of the year with events was discussed.

  3. Funding request
    • $300 for the film “See What I’m Saying”.
    • Film would show one week at the Bijou with one day as a community event.

  4. Comedian – tentatively in April or May 2011
    • IMU CAB approached CDA for $$ support for a comedian appearance in April or May 2011.
    • A possible Green Room Reception contest was mentioned.

  5. Writing Contest – tentatively in late March 2011
    • Announce this Fall with a deadline of January 2011 and the ceremony in late March.
    • Possibly add to the Prize a time with in a Writers Workshop instead of money?
    • Carly will contact previous judges.

  6. International Day
    • Karen Wachsmuth from International Programs Outreach spoke about the event titled “The Right to Well Being”  on November 16th from 9am-3pm being held at the Marriot in Coralville where 300 Jr. High Students from across Iowa will attend
    • There will be two 50 minute sessions from 10am-12pm with speakers and she wanted CDA to suggest some people to speak.
    • Suggestions were:  Miracles in Motion contact, Sign Language, a Rock Climber in the community, someone from the Vets Hospital.

  7. Disability Summit 10/13 @ Press Box in Kinnick Stadium
  8. UI Report on Race and Ethnicity
    • The UI recently requested all employees to fill out this in Self Service, if you choose not to a designated person in your department will answer the questions to the best of their ability and fill it in for you.
    • Questions should be directed to Jennifer Modestou in the Office of Equal Opportunity.

Meeting adjourned at 1:30pm by Helen and Carly. 
The next meeting will be Thursday, October 21st  at 12pm Room 2520C at UCC

Minutes submitted by:  Shelli Meyer, Secretary

Approved by:   Carly Armour