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Meeting Notes - October 15th, 2009

Present: Keith Ruff, Scott Gill, Peter Gehard, Jan Gorman, David Fitzgerald, Carly Armour, and Mike HoenigAgenda:

  1. Writing Contest- Progress Report
    • Carly on Submissions
      • 3 Entries submitted so far(All Adult Entries)
    • Peter on Promotion
      • Flyer Distribution
        • EPB (Peter Gehard distributed Flyers at the English Philosophy Building)
        • Writers Workshop (Peter Gehard distributed flyers with the Writers Workshop)
        • Palmerants Center (Peter Gehard disturbed flyers at the Palmerants Center)
      • Posters
        • Campus Buses (Peter Gehard)
        • Student Dorms (Peter Gehard)
        • Local Centers for Independent Living (Mr. Keith Ruff will hang posters and flyers at Access 2 Independence Centers in Cedar Rapids and in Iowa City)
        • Kirkwood Community College (Scott R. Gill will hang posters and flyers at Kirkwood Community College)
        • Gilbert Manor (Mr. Keith Ruff will hang posters at Gilbert Manor)
    • How to Contact High Schools etc.
      • Peter Gehard will contact the Superintendent of the Iowa City School District to determine feasibility and probability of contacting students.
      • Mike Hoenig is going to make contact with his friend/acquaintance at the Linn County School District about contacting students and teachers for the contest.
      • Carly Armour is going to contact a local Special Education/Resource Teacher regarding contacting and recruiting students for the contest.
    • Carly on Student Disability Group
      • Group agreed to sponsor the next two meetings
  2. Review of Disability Summit
    • Positive Review
  3. Other
    • Collaboration with Student Group (Student Disability Group
      • CDA Members in attendance agreed to cosponsor activity with Student Group.  CDA members in attendance agreed to provide funding for the event.
      • Recruitment Ideas for Student Group
        • REACH Program
        • Physical Therapy
        • School of Education Graduate Program in Counseling and Rehabilitation
        • School of Social Work
        • School of Law
        • NAMI
        • English Department
    • Recruiting Senator Tom Harkin to present awards to winners
      • Jan Gorman will check scheduling for January
      • Mike Hoenig will contact his friend/acquaintance at Senator Tom Harkin’s Office
      • Second and Third Choices will be discussed at next Month’s Meeting