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Meeting Notes - November 17, 2011

Present: Helen Jameson, Carly Armour, Shelli Meyer, Mark Harris, Brian Manternach, Deanna Carter, Keith Ruff, Scott Gill, Mike Hoenig, Micah Bateman, Janalyn Moss, Tiffani Stefenson-Earl, David Fitzgerald, Shams Ghoneim, Peter Gerhard    

Call to order
Helen Jameson and Carly Armour, co-chairs called meeting to order at 12pm.

Introductions were made.

  1. Celebrating Cultural Diversity Festival 3/31/2012
    • Anyone interested in being involved with the Programming Committee, contact Lindsay Jarratt by 11/21/11
    • Meetings are every Friday from 2-3pm beginning 1/30/12 to 4/6/12   

  2. Chief Diversity Officer & Councils Leaders' Meeting
    • CDO wants to establish three Advisory Diversity Committees: 
      • Faculty
      • Staff
      • Student
    • 12 people have been appointed by Georgina Dodge for the Student Council and are meeting
    • Possible changes in all diversity councils to take place

  3. Publication of Writing Contest Winner's Pieces
    • At the Institutional Repository the contest winner’s pieces are stored there for viewing
    • More info: contact

  4. CDA Holiday Gathering 12/15/11  
    • December 15th from 12-1pm
    • Meeting will be at International Programs Commons (#1117 UCC)

Meeting adjourned at 1:00 pm by Helen & Carly.
The next meeting will be Thursday, December 15th at 12pm, Location:  International Programs Commons (#1117 UCC)

Minutes submitted by:  Shelli Meyer, Secretary
Approved & Modified by:   Carly Armour, Co-Chair