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Welcome to Council on Disability Awareness

Meeting Notes - Nov. 18, 2010

Present:  Helen Jameson, Jan Gorman, Keith Ruff, Shelli Meyer, Peter Gerhard,  Scott Gill, Kris Smith, Kathy Forbes, John Mikelson, Mark Harris, Teresa Kout

Call to order
Helen Jameson, Co-Chair called meeting to order at 12:00pm.

Introductions were made.

  1. Poetry Contest
    • Carly has sent financial request to CDO.
    • Application Deadline for submissions - 3/1/2011.
    • Reception 3/24/2011 from 3:30 to 4:30.
    • Location To Be Determined – Helen Jameson will reserve.
      • Papajohn Business Building (can not accept reservation until 3-months before event)
      • Burge Private Dining
      • University Capital Center
      • Van Oel Room -Currier
    • Prizes for 1st place, $50, publishing and certificate, 2nd & 3rd certificate & publishing.
    • Judges have accepted and been approved.
    • Peter Gerhard is updating Poster to be on:  buses, in dorms, misc. artistic areas, IC & CR school districts, senior centers, local newspapers, and the public access show.

  2. Diversity Resource Fair 1/21/2011, 9-3pm
    • Prepare a handout or business cards to distribute
    • Promote Essay Contest
    • Decide on something else to handout such as candy
    • Volunteers at this time:  Carly, Helen, Keith, Shelli.

  3. CDA Brochure
    • Helen and John to draft a new/updated CDA Brochure.
    • Helen will send financial proposal to CDO.
    • Inquire if Carly has the CDA logo.
    • Co-Chairs decided to simply have business cards instead of brochures referring individuals to CDA website

Meeting adjourned at 1:00pm by Helen Jameson, Co-Chair

The next meeting will be a social on Thursday, December 16th at 12pm, Location TBD

Minutes submitted by:  Shelli Meyer, Secretary

Approved by:   Carly Armour, Co-Chair