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Meeting Notes - November 19th, 2009

Present: Carly Armour, Peter Gerhard, Shams Ghoneim, Jan Gorman, Mark Harris, Mike Hoenig, Diane Leventry, John Mikelson, Keith Ruff, Laura Schwab-Reese, Tiffini Stevenson Earl

  1. Diane Leventry from HR discussed their new program related to “On boarding” of new employees and the group offered its assistance.
  2. The group discussed the lack of accessibility for the new JIF process for individuals with visual impairments and Peter volunteered to draft a letter to Sue Buckley.
  3. Peter outlined the promotion that has been done for the writing contest and the group agreed to extend the deadline to 12/31/09.  There have been a total of 8 submissions to date.  Peter will follow up with Steve Parrott about a possible additional publicity.  Jan will send the HR reps the revised deadline and Shams will work with the Press-Citizen for additional publicity.
  4. The group discussed the possible events for January and agreed that a partnership with the Disability Planning and Action Committee would be desirable.
  5. The group decided to meet again in two weeks to discuss the January event(s).