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Meeting Notes - December 17, 2009

Present:  Carly Armour, Peter Gerhard, Scott Gill, Jan Gorman, Mark Harris, Mike Hoenig, John Mikelson, Keith Ruff,

  1. The Writing Contest update was provided by Peter Gerhard.  Peter has contacted the Language Arts teachers in the local school system, KCRG, the Press-Citizen, and the Gazette.  The Daily Iowan wanted to do a story about the contest but this may become a story about the awards ceremony in January.  There are 18 total entries to date, but only two in the under 18 category.
  2. The awards ceremony is scheduled for January 21st at 4:00 p.m.  An invitation is going out to Senator Harkin.  There is a possibility, time allowing, that the Senator will also be able to tour disability related programs and services on campus.  Jan will follow up regarding a potential location in MERF and the possibility of food for the event.
  3. There are three additional spring events planned if we count one (TBA) being put on by the College of Education.  Two events that our group is involved with include comedians performing a show here and a showing of the film “Read me Differently” with commentary by the creator (Carly will follow up with Laura Schwab-Reese about this).  CDA will not be responsible for the cost of the comedians but may make a token contribution of sponsorship.  The cost of bringing the filmmaker to campus will be assisted greatly by support from Grinnell College, where she is also speaking, but CDA will also contribute $500 for this event.  Location is to be determined but will likely be in the IMU.  The film event is yet to be scheduled but April 4th or 5th looks most likely due to scheduling.
  4. The group proposed honoring Marcella David at the awards ceremony in January.  Mark agreed to check with Marcella regarding her availability and to also invite Nicole Nisly who will be replacing Marcella during the search process.
  5. Mike Hoenig updated the group about the JIF process and indicated that he was quite pleased with follow through regarding accessibility concerns.
  6. John Mikelson announced that the Disability Studies Certificate program is slated to begin in Fall 2011.