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Meeting Notes - February 18, 2010

Present:  Peter Gerhard, David Fitzgerald, Mike Venzon, Carly Armour, Jan Gorman, Cristi Burrell, Laura Schwab, John Mikelson, Keith Ruff, Marti Slaughter

  1. Monthly Advocacy Show – Keith

      • TV show, highlights persons with disabilities in contemporary roles
      • Started last March; has been successful
      • On Channel 18 – Public Access
      • February show will feature winners from the CDA Writing Contest
        • Carly will present about CDA on the show
      • 20th Anniversary of the ADA Celebration –this July

  2. Sarah Entine – Director of documentary “Read Me Differently”

      • Event will take place Tuesday, April 6th 4pm
      • Expenses:
        • Food
        • Honorarium $500
        • DVD Captioning $216
        • Advertising
        • Space?
      • Sarah is creating an image document for us to use to market the event
      • ACTION – Mike is requesting funds
      • ACTION – Laura and Cristi assisting with marketing and reservations (room and food)
      • ACTION - Carly will see if Sarah will cover the expenses for captioning the dvd

  3. Comedian Event - Laura

  4. Sharon Beck

      • Services available:
        • Financial – budget, event planning, travel arrangements, etc.
        • Web services – Make things uniform, accessible
        • Minutes/Note Taking – Shelli Meyer can take notes and type them up
        • Marketing – Creating flyers, distribution through campus mail, listserv
      • ACTION – CHAIRS need to set schedule for remainder of year
      • ACTION – Send these dates to Shelli to get on her calendar

  5. Check for the Writing Contest

      • Still in process
      • Need a “Thank You” card –
        • ACTION -David will follow up with Carly re: names/thank you’s

  6. Letterhead for CDA – Jan

      • ACTION - Mike V. will email Jan and Carly with what is available
      • ACTION - Mike V. will check with Sharon/Shelli

  7. Workforce Recruitment Program (WRP) Announcements – David

      • 13 Interviews originally scheduled, 12 completed
      • Good job SDS and Carly