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CDA Member
Bob Harding

Bob Harding


  1. What is your role in CDA and how long have you been a member?

  2. I have been a member for two years.

  3. What is your favorite thing about CDA?

  4. I appreciate the casual and receptive atmosphere that is present at each and every meeting. New ideas are greeted with enthusiasm, respect, and a genuine interest.

  5. What is your position on campus?

  6. I am a Utility Systems Specialist at the Power Plant. My duties involve coordinating project activities between the power plant and contractors.

  7. What is your disability or condition, if any, if you are comfortable sharing?

  8. I used to participate in competitive bicycle road races. The last race with my group was July 2003. A truck pulling a trailer passed me and somehow, the trailer ran over my head causing a Traumatic Brain Injury. My helmet saved my life. I was paralyzed on my left side. I went thru physical therapy, speech therapy, and occupational therapy and I’m blessed, once again, to be a productive full time employee.

  9. What is your educational background?

  10. BA in Psychology from the University of Iowa

  11. What advice would you give to a colleague on campus who has a (DIS)ability?

  12. After my accident, I had serious concerns and reservations about whether or not I would be able to perform all the duties of my old job. The University of Iowa gave me a chance. They  enabled me to come back to work on a part time basis, and then full time. I am, once again, doing all the duties I did before my accident. I am grateful to the University for giving me, a person with a (DIS)ability the opportunity to restore my dignity and my pride…evidence this University can and does help those with a (DIS)ability to succeed in life. I would encourage my colleague with a (DIS)ability to attend our CDA meetings and be energize by this group’s understanding, power and determination. I am also on the  Board of Directors for the Eastern Iowa Brain Injury Association and am a mentor for others with a brain injury.

  13. What advice would you give to a student on campus who has a (DIS)ability?

  14. That they are not alone and they are not powerless. They can and will be presented with a variety of obstacles and difficulties to overcome yet. There are trained professionals, along with groups such as ours, available here on this campus to assist them in their struggle... advocates who have experienced or have experience with some of the unique difficulties that a (DIS)ability can create. Help is just a phone call away.

  15. Where is your favorite place to eat in town?

  16. It’s difficult to pick just one place. I love Italian food and Monica’s does a great job.

  17. What is your favorite activity to do at UI?

  18. I’m a member of The University of Iowa Sailing Club and if you haven’t tried sailing…the enjoyment is immeasurable.

  19. What best disability-related practices or changes do you recommend to better our campus?

    To be cognizant during building and project design of our staff, students, and visitors with a (DIS)ability and to incorporate the best possible practices to make all buildings and our grounds user friendly, accessible, and enjoyable to all.

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