Reporting Units

*Please note: This position was formerly the Special Assistant to the President for Equal Opportunity & Diversity and Associate Provost for Diversity.

University of Iowa Office of the President Organizational Chart
University of Iowa Office of the Executive Vice President and Provost Organizational Chart
Chief Diversity Officer and Associate Vice President Organization Chart

Equal Opportunity and Diversity

The Office of Equal Opportunity and Diversity supports the University’s aspiration to become one of the ten most distinguished public universities in the country by providing all members of the community with (1) expert advice, education, and services which ensure the University’s compliance with all applicable federal, state, and University equal opportunity, affirmative action, nondiscrimination, and civil rights laws, regulations, and policies; and (2) leadership and resources that support the University’s goal to increase the diversity of all University faculty, staff and students. Office of Equal Opportunity & Diversity Web Site

Center for Diversity and Enrichment

The Center for Diversity & Enrichment (CDE) provides students diverse, welcoming settings for learning, exploring, and experiencing college. CDE serves underrepresented students by providing quality academic programming; opportunities to make and build campus and community connections; as well as a supportive and student-centered environment. CDE values all University communities and brings these groups together through a wide array of services for students and partners throughout the state of Iowa. Center for Diversity and Enrichment Web Site

Equity and Human Rights Investigations

The Office of Equity and Human Rights Investigations (OEHRI) carries out investigations of complaints alleging discrimination, harassment, violence, and other violations of university policies related to human rights.  The Office investigates a complaint, determines whether there is a reasonable basis to believe that a policy violation occurred, and consults with relevant administrators in the determination of appropriate sanctions for policy violations. 


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