CNM Concert Season 35

David Gompper, Director

IV, V & VI

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Lectures & Concerts

September 28
October 1, 2000

Thursday, September 28
Film Screening of "Theremin--An Electronic Odyssey," a documentary by Steven M. Martin on the life of Leon Theremin, held in Rm 101, Samuel Becker Communications Building.
  3:30 pm Film Screening (87 mins)
  5:00 pm Live demonstration of a Theremin by
Lawrence Fritts, director, Electronic Studios
Friday, September 29
Lectures to students and faculty, held at Museum of Art, Lasansky Room.
  1:30 pm Welcome and Introductory Remarks by David Nelson and Kristin Thelander.
  1:40 pm Elena Dubinets: "Contemporary Russian Music: Problems, Directions, and Representatives"
  2:00 pm Roman Ledeniov: "Composers who have Worked at the Moscow Conservatory of Music"
  2:40 pm Vladislav Agafonnikov: "The Process of Education at the Composers Department of the Moscow State Conservatory"
  3:20 pm break
  3:30 pm Svetlana Savenko: "Post-Soviet music: Between Tradition and Avant-garde"
  4:15 pm Marina Frolova-Walker: "Music from Russia or Russian Music?"
  5:00 pm reception
Saturday, September 30 (Rm 561 Samuel Becker Communications Building)
  56:00 am Screening of Vladimir Tarnopolski's opera,
"Wenn die Zeit über die Ufer tritt"
  noon lunch
  1:00 pm Elena Dubinets: "Russian Minimalism - Is It Minimalism At All?"
  1:30 pm Presentation by Nikolai Korndorf on his music
  2:15 pm break
  2:30 pm Dmitry Oukhov: "Beyond  De Profundis - In Search of Experimental Music in Russia"
  3:00 pm Presentation by Sergei Zagny
  3:30 pm break
  3:45 pm Louis Pine: "Russian Electronic Music: Past and Present, 'Schillinger and Theremin' "
  4:15 pm Dmitry Oukhov: "Electro-acoustic Music in Russia: the Moscow Conservatory Strikes Again"
  5:00 pm dinner break
Saturday, September 30, 8:00 pm
Concert I, Center for New Music Ensemble
Vladislav Agafonnikov
  Ulari Udila
Vladimir Nikolayev
  Les Vitrages
Olga Rayeva
  Four Images
Roman Ledeniov
Vladimir Tarnopolski
Sunday, October 1
  1:00 pm Panel Discussion (Young Composers)
  2:00 pm Elena Dubinets, Svetlana Savenko: "Russian Religious Music" with illustrations from "Joyful Light" by A. Vustin, a soprano solo piece in the "Russian chant" scale.
Sunday, October 1, 3:00 pm
Concert II, Organ Concert
  Polyphonic Concerto
    Counterpoint No. 4 for organ solo
    Counterpoint No. 7 for organ and piano
    "Tranquillo molto", a fragment of
Yuri Boutsko

  "G...", a fragment of "Impromptus-Dedicaces" Leonid Karev

  The Quiet Lake** Roman Ledeniov
  "Autumn" for organ and violin Mikhail Kollontay
  "In the Backwoods",
from the cantata "Simple Songs"**
Andrey Golovin

  White Music Aleksander Vustin
  "Apocryphal Pictures" Leonid Karev
  **  indicates works arranged by Leonid Karev  
Sunday, October 1, 8:00 pm
Concert III, Center for New Music Ensemble
  Are You Ready, Brother?
Nikolai Korndorf
Albina Stefanou
  Crumb of Music for George Crumb
Faraj Karayev
  The Lug of Days to Come
    Poems by Daniel Haberman
    Loitering Hill
    The Time
    The Accurate Sky
    No More
    I am Dead...
    The Lug of Days to Come
Irina Dubkova

  Magic Starts
Sergei Zagny
Dmitri Riabtsev
      (reception following)