First Season, 1966-1967

Richard B. Hervig - director, William Hibbard - music director
James Dixon - advisor/conductor

Patrick Purswell - flute
William Konney - cello
Doris Allen - violin
William Parsons - percussion

Joseph Dechario - piano
Janet Steele - soprano

Courtland Gettel - flute
David Melle - bass clarinet
Linda Smith - bassoon
David Sanborn - alto saxophone
William Hartmann - trombone
Wendy Gannett - viola
Stephen Tillapaugh - perc
Joan Purswell - piano
assisting personnel
Donald Black - clarinet
Greg Steinke - english horn
Richard Butler - sackbut
Edwin Harkins - trumpet
David Martin - tuba
Walter Schneider - perc
Brian Olson - perc
Robert Shallenberg - electronics

Joseph Messenger - clarinet
Suzanne Butler - recorder
John Cryder - horn
Harold Popp - trombone
Anthony Doheny - violin
Joan Wood - perc
Donald Nultemeier - perc
Jean Altshuler - harp

Betty Bang - flute
assisting faculty
Lyle Merriman - clarinet
Ronald Tyree - bassoon

Eldon Obrecht - double bass


Babbitt, Milton The Widow's Lament in Springtime
Gaburo, Kenneth Two for soprano, alto flute, and contrabass
Ives, Charles Some South-Paw Pitching
Maderna, Bruno Serenata No. 2, for 11 instruments
Nono, Luigi Polifonica-Monodia-Ritmica
Schoenberg, Arnold String Trio, op. 45
Shallenberg, Robert* Herbsttag

Powell, Mel Haiku Settings
Sollberger, Harvey* Two Pieces for Two Flutes
Stockhausen, Karlheinz Klavierstücke VII and V
Stravinsky, Igor Three Japanese Lyrics
Stravinsky, Igor Two Balmont Songs
Wen-Chung, Chou Yo Ko
Westergaard, Peter Variations for Six Players

Castiglioni, Niccolo Tropi
Hibbard, William String Trio
Ives, Charles Scherzo
Ives, Charles Over the Pavements
Purswell, Patrick* It Grew and Grew
Ronsheim, John Richard Easter Wings
Ronsheim, John Richard Words from Shakespeare
Stravinsky, Igor Epitaphium
Stravinsky, Igor Three Songs from William Shakespeare

Dallapiccola, Luigi Parole di San Paolo
Debussy, Claude Sonata No. 3 for violin and piano
Logan, Wendell* Stanzas for Three Players
Wolpe, Stefan Piece in Two Parts for flute and piano
Wuorinen, Charles Janissary Music

Babbitt, Milton Vision and Prayer
Gaburo, Kenneth For Harry
Gaburo, Kenneth Lemon Drops
Hiller, Lejaren Machine Music
Stockhausen, Karlheinz Refrain

Boulez, Pierre Improvisation sur Mallarmé I
Boulez, Pierre Trope from the Third Sonata for Piano
Debussy, Claude Sonata

Fisher, Stephen* Music for Nine Instruments
Harkins, Edwin* Signs
Oliveros, Pauline Trio for Flute, Piano and Page Turner
Read, T. L. Combination 23:20 for violin and piano
Webern, Anton Six Songs, op. 14 (poems by Georg Trakl)