Twenty-fourth Season, 1989-1990

Eric Ziolek - music director

Catherine Arthur - violin
Nancy Bruckner - soprano
Mark Dannenbring - flute
Barbara Phillips Farley - piano
Michael Geary - percussion
Eric Halvorson - percussion
Rosemary Lack - soprano
Margaret Marco - english horn
Tony Oliver - percussion
Betsy Peterson - english horn
Jocelyn Fleming Reiter - harp
Mick Sehmann - french horn
Craig Spangler - percussion
Janis Brown - clarinet
Barbara Buddin - mezzo-soprano
Dan Davis - percussion
Michael Farley - electronics
Thomas Giles - violin
Myles Hernandez - conductor
Ping Liang - bassoon
Sean Paul Mills - cello
Gary Palmer - double bass
Jill Rausch - cello
Barbara Rivadeneira - piano
Shawn LaFrenz - percussion
J. Mark Thompson - bass trombone
Joan Womeldorf - electric organ

Robert Brownlow - trumpet
Kirk Corey - piano
Kevin Enabnit - percussion
Maurice Gatewood - violin
Nancy Hagen - soprano
Daniel Kleinknecht - conductor
Mauricio Loureiro - clarinet
Jonathan Monhardt - conductor
Wendy Payton - electric organ
Erica Reiter - viola
Britta Schaefer - harp
Sean Snyder - percussion
Kristie Tigges - soprano

Mark Weiger - oboe
D. Martin Jenni - piano
assisting faculty

Kristin Thelander - horn
William Preucil - viola


Birtwistle, Harrison Tragoedia
Reich, Steve Tehillim (Parts I-IV)
Rivadeneira, Pedro* Futures' New Skin

Hibbard, William Bass Trombone, Bass Clarinet, Harp
Mamlok, Ursula When Summer Sang
Matthews, William* Ferns for two pianos
Paredes, Robert* Strict Time (Lingering)
Tipei, Sever Translation

Farley, Michael* The Garden, for percussion and tape
Jenni, D. Martin Per Elysios: Wm. H. in memoriam
Musgrave, Thea Narcissus
Schieve*/Roddick Bridge, Actors, Musicians
Ziolek, Eric* You asked me once what I would remember