Thirty-first Season, 1996-1997

David Gompper - director

Bill Ford, saxophone
Jennifer Damian, percussion
Joe Rich, percussion
John Max Wharton, bassoon
Andrew Carlson, violin
Jeanette Welch, double bass
Thomas Keck, percussion
Tim Shane, percussion
Sergio Barrenechea, flute
Hsien-Liang Lien, cello

Luciano Carneiro, double bass
Joseph Rebik, percussion
Timothy Sievers, percussion
Christine Bellomy, clarinet
Katerina Stamatelos, piano

Kristin Thelander, horn
Mark Weiger, oboe

Daniel Moore, percussion

Daniel Shapiro, piano
Delbert Disselhorst, organ

Paulo Alvares, piano
Elizabeth Sadilek, flute
guest performers/composers

William Albright, composer

Claudia Anderson, flute
Jocelyn Langworthy, clarinet


Reynolds, Verne Horn Vibes
Sain, James Paul Zygote
Deane, Christopher Etude for a Quiet Hall
Deak, Jon Readings from Steppenwolf
Druckman, Jacob Valentine
Cage, John Imaginary Landscapes No. 2-4

Lachenmann, H. Kinderspiel
Kagel, M. Metapiece
Schnebel, D. Bagatellen
Menezes, F. Profils Ecarteles
Alvares, P. Fugatos magnificos, legatissimo...

Albright, William Take That
Albright, William The Great Amen
Albright, William Abiding Passions
Albright, William Romance
Albright, William Rustles of Spring