In Memoriam Richard Hervig (1917-2010) 

David Gompper, Director



Christopher Sande, percussion

Zach Fischer, Cornelius Cardew, James Tenney, Christopher Gainey, Vinko Globokar & Iannis Xenakis

CNM Ensemble
with Conductor Scott Dunn

Claude Debussy, Arnold Schoenberg, Maurice Ravel & Kurt Weill

Wolfgang David, violin
David Gompper, piano

Arnold Schoenberg, David Maki, David Gompper, Bruce Adolphe & Maurice Ravel

Composer's Workshop I

Diego Davidenko, Anthony Donofrio, Daniel Houglum, Jason Gregory, Aaron Perrine & Zachariah Zubow

The Jack Quartet

Julie Wolfe, Salvatore Sciarrino, Laura Schwendinger & Helmut Lachenmann

Composer's Workshop II

Israel Neuman, Zachariah Zubow, Ju Hye Kim, Brian Penkrot, Aaron Perrine, Min-Pyo Kim & Anthony Donofrio

CNM Ensemble with
Andrew Parker, oboe

Frank Wiley, Donald Crockett, Judith Shatin & Ching-Chu Hu

CNM Ensemble

Irina Dubkova, Christopher Gainey, Paul Lansky &, from Italy, guest composer Francesco Filidei

Glenn Watkins, musicologist

Writing History:
The Composer and the Musicologist

a collaborative concert featuring
GuoGan, erhu
Wolfgang David, violin

Composer's Workshop III

Jason Gregory, Daniel Houglum, Aaron Perrine, Stephanie Pieczynski, Matt Smart & Zachariah Zubow 

SCI Student Chapter
at The University of Iowa

A. Donofrio. D. Houglum, B. Penkrot, Z. Zubow and
feature Tomas Gueglio-Saccone

Richard B. Hervig
Memorial Concert

UI School of Music faculty and
community musicians performed
selected works by Richard Hervig

"Remembering William Albright"

Guest Pianist Robert Satterlee
William Albright,
Bolcom, Chambers, Frank, Gompper,
Hause, Opel & Shrude 

CNM Ensemble on Tour
with Michael Norsworthy and
the Maia Quartet

Dahn, Gompper, Grisey, Ran and Webern

see: UMN event calendar

CNM Ensemble
with Michael Norsworthy and
the Maia Quartet

Dahn, Gompper, Grisey, Ran and Webern

ensemble: Périphérie

Mike Barnett, Philippe Bodin, Irina Dubkova, Klaus Hübler, Robert H.P. Platz and David Smooke.

Young-Nam Kim, director of
The New Music Ensemble
University of Minnesota at Minneapolis

Erwin Schulhoff, Heinrich Wilhelm Ernst and Michio Mamiya.

Composer's Workshop IV

Dana Telsrow, Brett Kissell, Andrew Wagner, Shane Hoose, Zach Zubow, Aaron Perrine, Anthony Donofrio, Stephanie Pieczynski And Stas Omelchenko

The CNM Ensemble on tour at the University of Minnesota at Minneapolis on April 15, 2011

Above — The CNM Ensemble.
Below — The Maia Quartet with Michael Norsworthy, clarinet and David Gompper, piano.

The UM New Music Ensemble on tour at the University of Iowa on May 8, 2011

Above — The University of Minnesota New Music Ensemble, Young-Nam Kim directing.