Fifth Season, 1970-1971

Richard B. Hervig - director, William Hibbard - music director
James Dixon - advisor and conductor, Peter Lewis - electronics

Patrick Purswell - flute
David Randall - clarinet
Robert Levy - trumpet
William Parsons - perc
Anne Norden - violin
Andrew Brown - oboe
Jon English - trombone
Joan Purswell - piano

John Borg - viol
Eric Jensen - cello
Barbara Dechario - harp
Bruce MacCombie - composer

Karyn Fraley - piccolo
Susan Lerman - flute
Linda Parker - flute
Juanita Trygstad - alto flute
Gary Davis - bass clarinet
David Snow - horn
David Honts - perc
Kenneth Tharp - perc
Steve Tillapaugh - perc
Hugh Wright - perc
Eric Lear - violin
Daniel Rouslin - violin
David Livingston - voice
assisting personnel
Sheila Gleason - piccolo
Marcia Driggs - flute
Geri Lewis - flute
Richard Fletcher - clarinet
Chuck Berg - alto sax
James Bawden - perc
Luther Meier - perc
Tim Pleasant - perc
Allen Unklesbay - perc
Joseph Dechario - piano
David Moskovitz - violin
Monte Asbury - bass

Jo Souder - piccolo
Jane Funk - flute
Vicki Rose - alto flute
Charles Lawson - clarinet
William Funk - trumpet
John Beckford - perc
Eric Schnell - perc
Dale Newlin - traps
Edward Walsh - perc
Anne Graham - violin
Joyce Pollard - violin
Randy Nordstrom - bass
Sally Lane - soprano

Mary André
Martin Farren
Sally Lane
Isham Peugh
vocal ensemble
John Brantley
Julie Kaufman
Thomas MacBone
Michele Sassaman

Karen Houkom
Harvey Huiner
Candace Natvig
Carroll Stegall

Betty Bang - flute
assisting faculty
James Avery - trumpet
John Simms - piano

Eldon Obrecht - double bass


English/Miller " ... whose circumference is nowhere." III
Hibbard, William Stabiles for thirteen players
MacCombie, Bruce* Out of the sighs...
Riley, Dennis* "The fragility of the flower unbruised"

Gilbert, Eleanor Hovda Music from "The Proclamation"
Grossman, Gary Laudate Dominum
Jandl, Ernst Napoleon and Schutzengraben
Lewis, Peter Tod Three Insignificant Tragedies
Messiaen, Olivier Quatuor pour la Fin du Temps

Brant, Henry Angels and Devils
Cowell, Henry The Banshee, The Tides of Manauon, The Tiger
Ives, Charles Psalm XXIV for mixed voices
Nancarrow, Conlon Selected Studies for Player Piano
Schuman, William Prelude for Voices
Varèse, Edgard Ionisation

Berio, Luciano Sequenza III and V
Brün, Herbert Stalks and Trees and Drops and Clouds
Jenni, D. Martin Intervals for piano
Webern, Anton Five Canons on Latin Texts, op. 16
Wegner, August Coney Island

Hellerman, William Ek-Stasis II
Jensen, Eric* Avidya, vc, tape, electronics
Riley, Dennis* Concertante Music I for pno and 13 instru
Stravinsky, Igor Elegy for solo viola
Webern, Anton Five Canons on Latin Texts, op. 16
Xenakis, Iannis Morsima-Amorsima (ST/4-1,030762)

Cage, John 4' 33", Amores, Aria, Fontana Mix
Cage, John Cartridge Music, Concert, Indeterminacy
Cage, John Music for Carillon, Radio Music
Cage, John Solo for Voice 2, Variations IV
Cage, John The Wonderful Widow of Eighteen Springs
Cage, John Water Music, Williams Mix, Winter Music

Stravinsky, Igor Les Noces