Collage Audio

Audio collage, a type of experimental music, includes sampling, in which artists appropriate and incorporate fragments of recordings for use in their own music, mashups, in which the music of one composition is combined with the words of another, and montage, in which sound and music from tapes, records, and other formats are spliced together either physically or through digital means to create a new composition. Audio collage artists often work to intervene in the profit-oriented music industry where ownership and authorship are controlled by big-business. Audio collagists have been the target of lawsuits by large corporations such as Warner Brothers and Island Records who sued the group Negativland over their U2 album. The Tape-Beatles, a multi-media group from Iowa City, and Mark Hosler of Negativland performed together as part of the Collage as Cultural Practice conference. Audio collages were also used to create a sound collage environment within the space of the Interventionist Collage exhibition.


The Tape-Beatles: