The University of Iowa Parking and Transportation Department offers preferred parking assignments to UI faculty/staff who carpool together in The Rideshare Incentive Program (TRIP).† The goal of the program is to more effectively utilize assigned parking spaces and to reduce traffic congestion.

Currently, TRIP is on hold and no new assignments are being made.


Only UI faculty/staff; employed 50% - time or greater on a fiscal basis as classified by the University payroll office are eligible to participate.

TRIP members are not eligible for any other UI daytime parking permit, Bus Pass Program or Van Pool Program.  Members may remain on the waiting list for a parking permit and/or van pool assignment. Once a parking permit, bus pass or van pool assignment has been accepted, the member must withdraw from TRIP


1. ††††††Three or more UI faculty/staff are required to carpool together on a consistent basis.

2.      Eligible parking facilities include lots 3, 10, 11, 20, 43, & 80.  At least two members must qualify, by work location, for the desired parking facility.  To determine your eligibility, follow this link.

3.       All members carpool together in one vehicle to the assigned facility and share a single hangtag and access card (if applicable) for access to the facility. Each member also receives their own TRIP permit, providing individual night and weekend parking privileges in campus facilities.

4.      To be valid in assigned daytime facility, both the TRIP hangtag and the appropriate member’s permit must be displayed on the vehicle.  The hangtag must be displayed from the rear view mirror and be visible from the front and rear of the vehicle.  The permit must be affixed to the front windshield in the lower left hand corner.

5.      Members must register their vehicles with Parking and Transportation.

6.      One member needs to be designated as the contact person for Parking and Transportation and they must qualify for the desired parking facility.

7.      If desired parking facility is assigned to capacity, applications will be placed on the TRIP waiting list by date of application.

8.      Each member pays the TRIP fee directly through individual payroll deduction; prepayment will not be accepted.

9. ††††††Members provide their own vehicles for the TRIP-pool.

10. †††††If a TRIP-pool violates the program policies, the pool may be cancelled and other sanctions may be applied as well.

11.       All call-ins for not having the access card and/or hangtag will be reviewed and may be denied if the members did not carpool together on that day.


1.       The access card assigned to your TRIP pool is only to be used by the vehicle that transports the pool members to work.  Use of the access card to provide entry or exit for more than one vehicle at a time is prohibited.  Misuse of the card may lead to termination of the pool, loss of individual parking privileges and possible legal action.

2.       Cashiers are required to charge the daily maximum rate (currently $15) to allow exiting when an access card fails or when it is used out of sequence. Contact Parking Operations at 335-8312 for further information on card use.

3.     Display hangtag and permit in vehicle when using the access card.


Each member must pay the TRIP fee through individual monthly payroll deduction.

TRIP Rates: Aug 1, 2012 - July 31, 2013

(Includes evening & weekend parking privileges)

# Members

Ramp Reserved Permit

Surface Reserved Rate A Permit

Surface Reserved Rate B Permit


$37.00/mo./person $21.00/mo./person
4 $28/mo./person $16/mo./person $12/mo./person
5 $22/mo./person $13/mo./person $10/mo./person


If a TRIP-pool loses a member:

1.Individual fees will immediately be divided by remaining members.

TRIP Rates: Aug 1, 2012 - July 31, 2013
Members Ramp Permit Surface Permit A Surface Permit B
2 $56.00/mo./person $32.00/mo./person $24.00/mo./person
1 $111.00/mo./person $63.00/mo./person $48.00/mo./person

2.Remaining members have 30 calendar days to find a new member. †If the pool loses a member that fulfilled their lot eligibility requirement, the new member must qualify for the current parking assignment or the TRIP-pool will be reassigned.

3.† TRIP-pools with less than three members will be dissolved after 30 calendar days. If remaining members cannot immediately be placed in their previous parking assignment, they may stay in their pool's parking facility until they can be reassigned.† If a member had no previous parking assignment, they will be given the first available assignment based upon their work location.  Upon reassignment,† members must return permits, hangtag and access card. Payroll deductions will be eliminated upon receipt of all permits, hangtag, access card and outstanding payments.

To withdraw from a TRIP-pool:

Return your TRIP-pool permit and, if necessary, transfer the hangtag and access card to another pool member.

The Parking and Transportation Department will continue to support the existing carpool matching service and carpool permit arrangements for faculty/staff that choose not to participate in TRIP

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